HomeChild CareIs Obama preparing to murder the unborn and steal organs from patients in emergency rooms and call it HCR?
Posted in Child Care on 13th November 2010

Is Obama preparing to murder the unborn and steal organs from patients in emergency rooms and call it HCR?
He considers aborting unborn children “health care,” has authorized the use of tax dollars for the exploitation of embryos in lab experiments, and his Department of Health and Human Services is now pushing the grotesque practice of harvesting organs from urgent-care patients in emergency rooms.

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Answer by Jimmbbo
barry will set it up as a revenue stream for 0bamacare… Big Brother and Dr. Josef Mengele are smiling…

Answer by breekatz
god how did the news agencies miss this one, even fox? wtf

what next aliens and big foot?

Answer by I hate hippie liberal douches
That is exactly what hes going to do!

Answer by TheMom
LOL, what a bunch of crap. Abortion is health care, it is a medical procedure that is done thousands of times a day, whether you like it or not.
And we “harvest” organs currently and did it before Obama was even elected. If a person dies, or has a Glascow Coma Score of <5, we are to notify the Organ Donation service within 15 minutes, and it is to be done before they die.

Answer by stephen k
Although i would state that the health care plan is badly flawed, I think you are reaching in your conclusions

Answer by Boss H
Birth control which right-wingers used to call chemical abortions and abortions do fall under the health care category whether you want them to or not. Even the bibles suggests that you live by example rather than by persecution.

if they are against your religion or your morals, don’t have one.
Drinking alcohol or even accepting medicine is against some religions, but that doesn’t mean they can force those views on the rest of us, nor does it mean they are spiritually responsible if we chose to do it.

Answer by Tom
Not only that, he’s also going to “euthanize” old people to get organs and give them to illegal mexicans for free.

Answer by David
He doesn’t care about you or I or any other American life. What makes you think he would ever care about the unborn?!?

Answer by Maximus
Lets hope for your sake he doesn’t start killing off the mentality unbalanced!!!

Answer by Redhead
His “plan” is so messed up so who knows what is fact and what is not. To reform health care in my estimation would be to start with the out of sight charges by hospitals, doctors, nurses, medical corporations, insurance companies, etc. Then again, sometime he says abortions will be covered, then again maybe they won’t. Who knows.???

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