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Posted in Working Mothers on 16th March 2011

Is my mom in regret of having family?
I am almost out of the house but my mother is always complaining and that is all I remember her doing for more than half of my childhood is complaining. There is a man in the house doing his job, bringing in most of the money, he is doing a great job. My mother has not been the best mother, she is always complaining about doing things like cooking and cleaning. Anything that involves taking care of us or her family. There have been numurous nights where she just won’t cook anything and blame it on being tired of doing what she is SUPPOSED TO DO. The last time she cooked a meal was 2 weeks ago. Anywho, she is just constantly raving and ranting and saying “she is retiring from being a wife/mother”. She is always picking fights with my dad when he does more for us than she will ever do. To me, it sounds like she just doesn’t want us. And I have talked to her about it but she will get upset and tell me that I am “a liar”. She comes home from work with a bad attitude and complains. :\
I am really getting tired of hearing her mouth about this.
I am not the only one that feels this way either, my father and her has had problems and yes I do know about these things because she drags me into it. And he said the same thing, she acts like she just doesn’t care.
I have been nice to her! Trust me, I’ve tried having conversations with her but it will go on for a good while but it results into her bringing something up from the past.

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Answer by Bill
She made the mistake not you. It’s her problem. Move out when you are 18

Answer by Scotch
Go on Dr. Phil. He’ll find out what’s wrong and fix her.

Answer by mks 7-15-02
Sit Down One And One And Talk To Her About It.

Answer by Princess
That is really funny. The mother of one of my good friends in high school resigned from being a mother too! I didn’t think that anyone else in the world would do that.

But, to answer your question, I don’t think that she regrets having a family. I think that she is just unhappy and she is taking it out on those around her. Try being extra nice to her and helping her out with stuff and maybe she’ll be nicer to you.

Answer by cherylacbus1
She needs a desperately earned and deserved vacation. She really shouldn’t tell you guys constantly, but she needs to also engage her own life. A new career, hobby or social group.

Raising a family is no easy task and it can make one feel bound up.

Its also the most rewarding thing someone can do. Once you guys have gone out on your own in your own successes, she will be thrilled and proud.

Answer by makeisha08
Well it seems like it to me that your mother is giving up on life but just hold on and something good will overcome her and she will realize that what she is doing to the family is wrong and she will be back willing and able to help the family so just have faith and don’t never give up

Answer by sean1201
You don’t say how old you are and how much you help her out. Do you help her out? It’s hard to say what brings people to the breaking point. Please be considerate and try to understand that your mom needs support right now.

Answer by mnbaby2156
She might have depression that is undiagnosed. I know that this sounds like a far fetched idea, but the comment you made about her saying that she is “retiring from being a wife/mother” is a typical statement from one who’s depressed. Try to convince her to see a therapist just to talk about any issues she has. You might see a world of good come out of it.

Answer by messijessi
Okay, I am a mom of two kids, ages 8 and 11 and I don’t see anything wrong with kids helping out. When was the last time you did the dishes or cleaned the bathroom? My kids are great about helping me with the house, as is my hubby. I am not a slave and neithor is your mother, maybe put yourself in her shoes. It is a harder job than most realize. So, maybe help around the house and she won’t complain, as much.

Answer by Lynn K
Your mother’s problems are not your fault. However she sounds depressed. Remember that raising you has defined her life. Once the children are gone she won’t have a purpose in life and that’s scary. She could be feeling worthless, everyone in her life has a job or a future except her. She needs counseling but so do you. Being raised in a home where your mother makes you feel unloved and unwanted can be very defeating. You need to learn to deal with it. Believe me, I know from personal experience.

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