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Posted in Working Mothers on 15th February 2014

Is it true that your wife turned to her mother?
There is a rule of thumb that says: “If you know what your wife will want to look like after 20 years of marriage, just look at her mother.” How is it different in appearance, since you married her? Is your wife so hot, as if you are married to her or not? How is she similar to her mother physically? BTW, it is possible for a woman to get as hot as the first time she married. I know one or two, and both had children. However, it is selten.Bitte share a story. Please write more than 5 sentences. I have the time to Zuhören.Ich working on a research project about love and work psychology. Please do not be rude and you answer like a Erwachsener.Danke. Thank you. . Thank Best Answer (s):

Reply In Control of me!
To be honest with you. My mother was a hottie when she married for the first time and then she got older and gained some weight. Now she’s older, and she’s lost the weight and always looking an incredible 50 years old.I was much thinner when I married for the first time. I have since had two children, now are teenagers and I finally lose the weight. I personally feel much better about my appearance jetzt.Ich should be happy to look like my mother when I’m 50.

joemaintenance2 answer
No my wife did not quite turn out like her mother. A bit of her father in her. It makes even a few puffs of her mother, but she is always about some of them, but always different. It has become a little more than 15 years. She is not an outdoor person. If they from work on things in the yard to other hobbies would do more things they would cut a little, but hey, I’m becoming more like my pa except for the hair loss. My wife is more like my family cooks cook than her mother does, because I do not eat, like my mother cooks.

Reply D_
I suspect that say I’ve heard is if you know what your wife is in 20 years as opposed to what they want to look . My husband said at our wedding for the entire amount that, if I am like my mother in 20 years he could not ask for any better, because my mother is so wonderful. So sweet! It made weinen.Ich do not think I did so much to me as my mother when she was my age, so I would not expect, looking like she is doing now for 20 years. I hope I have the same loving, caring, selfless spirit that she has, if I do not look like them.

Reply billybudd1313
I think you better spend some time watching women and their mothers. This is one of the things that you hear about and think. . . “Bla bla, yeah, whatever” when you are 20 years old. But over time, you begin to notice things that “old” people always talked about as wahr.Kinder resemblance is scary. The first time you do something or say something like your parents, you freak out. Then people begin to “note” can do more. We all absolutely in our parents to some degree drehen.Es are no fixed rules as we go from a unique genetic mix of two individuals. We take on some characteristics of both parents. You also need to consider the environment. If the girl was raised to eat like a pig. . . You see what I’m saying? Really look also here on the people and you will begin to see. As a scientist, I like to people watch. Here are some examples from my Leben.1. My face looks a bit like my father, and I have some mannerisms that amended.2 just like him. My sister has a completely different body than my mother, but she begins to parent in a way ähneln.3. Sometimes you can get someone to look young and only know that they are “really old” look when they old funds.4. I knew a girl, the mother was pretty clunky, but the daughter was still hot. Man, a couple of months of stress and grabbed her on the pounds (I have heeded the warning, the old saying and got the heck out of) 5 I dated a girl who’s mom is trim and fit (feisty old lady), but her daughter turns into a piglet recently. go figure6. I’m pretty sure that my wife’s face will remain for quite a long time. Her mother and grandmother could go well gealtert.Ich, but I stress again visual observation. You will soon enough for themselves sehen.ich do not really always know hot, but some people find more confidence when married. This acts as a “hot” Also, sometimes a spouse will influence fashion and style of the other. You could hide a hot chick, takes off the glasses and then working hot (as they do in movies always) Some people are just ugly, though. I guess guys are more likely to improve because they are “looking distinguised” (sp?) Re-look at some yearbook pictures, then compare the people aged 28-32. Some people will lose their hair, pig and just be angry. Some will get their money and hot career women or men are smoking. Dressed well, confident, usw.Auch around here. The shopping center and just people watch. You will see it.

Reply solrstrm55
after more than 20 years, I have turned to his mother yuck.he just keeps pushing until I react the same way they knew bitchy.as far how to look like my mother almost exactly with less weight, I also look like my grandmother, and from the pictures as my great-grandmother, who was a dancer.

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