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Posted in Child Support on 10th September 2012

Is it too late to get Back Child Support?
I am seeking to get BACK CHILD SUPPORT from my father, and need advice on how to do so.
I am now 18, 19 in Dec, and live in California. I am currently enrolled in school, and have been taking care of myself (no parents) for almost 2 yrs now. My dad knows me, but has never attempted to get to know me in 18 yrs. No birthdays, no father bonding, not even a how are you via FACEBOOK. BASICALLY HE’S BEEN LIVING HIS LIFE CAREFREE W NO RESPONSIBILITIES FOR 18YRS. AM I ENTITLED TO ANYTHING? Now that it’s time for college, I need financial assistance. I am employed, but however I’m not that far from minimum wage, considering my age.

My mother hasn’t asked for child support.


if not, what steps do I take in order to receive Back Child Support?

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Answer by BRAE
YOU cant ask for child support, your mother would of had to when you were a child to help take care of you. its time to let go of it now , this is the second time you have posted this that i know of.

Answer by Thanks!
You are entitled, call a lawyer, they usually give free consultations. Good luck!

Answer by geez louise
If your mother didn’t ask for it and their divorce didn’t require it, than no, you have no legal standing.

You’re an adult now and responsible for yourself. Your issues with your father are obviously about more than money so you should focus on dealing with that.

Answer by George McCasland
Sound like he exercised his rights to choose without killing you like mothers can. As for support, yes you can, however it has to be done before you turn age 19, so you need to hurry. It will be up to the judge as to whether he award it.

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