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Posted in Child Care on 2nd March 2012

is it rude to not invite children to my wedding?
the grooms sister has 2 children under 3. two of the grooms uncles each have two children under 5. the wedding and reception are going to be on a boat from early evening until late at night. and i see that it is going to be dangerous and turn into “kiddie care”

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Answer by dolphinfan02
It just depends on how kid oriented your family is. If you want more of a formal wedding than no, it’s not wrong to not invited the children. Just keep in the back of your mind that some family members may not come b/c their children weren’t invited.

Answer by Cassie
I would talk to your Fiance about it and make the decision together. Personally, I say if you have kids, make sure that there is a certified baby-sitter to watch them.

Answer by Shannon-soon-to-be-mrs
We are not going to have children at our wedding. It’s actually quite common not to have children there. I don’t believe it is rude because it really is more of an adult setting – at least it seems that way from what you have explained. When I was young, I remember not going to a wedding because I was a child. It’s common, and don’t be too concerned with it. =) Looks like you are more concerned that someone will get hurt than anything else. Looks to me like your concern is valid!

Good luck with your wedding!

Answer by kelly k
it isnt rude! i am having my wedding in september, and i have 26 cousins and i am one of the oldest i am cutting off the age at 17 no children aloud! get the babysitters everyone!!!

you dont want your special day to turn into a daycare, so dont feel rude, i am sure everyone you invite will understand!

Answer by science chick
No as long as you do it right. Do not put it on the invitations, just address it to the parents. If someone writes in extra kids, then give them a call and explain that for safety reasons you would feel more comfortable having this be an adult night. If they call and beg, tell them that since it is on a cruise, there will be drinking, and it will run late, you do not feel comfortable having to worry about kids being on board since you can’t just go and drop them off if they get fussy. If people show up with kids you can’t turn them away though.

Do not pick and choose children, some people are OK with having kids in the wedding party or very close family members (your own children or young siblings), but generally it is best to just say no kids.

I think you are making a good decision here. That does sound like a potentially dangerous situation to me, you should not have to worry about having kids on a body of water in the middle of the night with a bunch of drinking adults! Even with no alcohol I just think its smart for you to say no.

In this case it really isn’t about being kid oriented or excluding people. It is a late night cruise, not appropriate for young children. If you want to include the kids, I would consider a different venue.

And like other people have said, they may not come. Everyone has the right to decline the invitation, as long as you keep that in mind you are fine.

Answer by kbk823
It isn’t rude at all. You can make it a kids free wedding, or only allow ages 12 and up or whatever. But, to make people feel as if they aren’t being slighted, you should keep the same rule for everyone. Don’t allow your bestfriend to bring her kid, if no one else is allowed to bring their children.

Answer by Bubbles
No- it’s not, it depends on you event- my sister in law complained that I didn’t invite any kids and I said- there will be drinking and loud music, do you bring your kids to a bar or club? Why would you want to bring them here? I got a ohhhhhh… ok and that was it. Most people understand when you having something a little more formal you do not have children. I would be rude to not invite them to a picnic wedding but a boat wedding is very up scale and could be dangerous.

We printed adult reception on are RSVP cards but there was just too many people to hand write a note too…. I also got call from annoying people asking to bring there 18 year old kid… or even 21 year old kid!! Hello, I would have sent them an invite if they were invited.

Answer by sarah jane
It’s not rude at all- it’s an adult event, held in the evening, when those children should be in bed. Just don’t put their names on the invitation, you shouldn’t have to spell it out that there are no children invited. Unless the have no sense at all, they will realize that this is not an appropriate setting for their young kids.

Answer by and now you know
We did not allow children…some people gave us a problem and didn’t come. There was no I was paying $ 100 a kid, for them to run around and not eat.

It’s your wedding, do what you want.People will get over it.

Answer by Garnet Glitter
I would not for safety reason alone, invite minors to a wedding reception on a boat. I would set the age limit at least at jr high school age and older..good luck.

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