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Posted in Child Care on 4th January 2011

Is it acceptable to have a one night stand if your girlfriend is pregnant with your child?
My girlfriend is currently pregnant with my first child, but she is NEVER in the mood to have sex or even kiss really… I am a guy and obviously guys need sex a lot… Sex has never really been a huge issue in my life, but I would like to get it once in a while. I love my girlfriend more than anything, but I am also an asshole to her all the time because I am getting crabby because we are NEVER intimate and honestly sometimes I feel like she doesn’t really “care” anymore. Would I be a terrible person if I had a one night stand for the single purpose of getting off?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Alyssa
You’re disgusting and pathetic.

Answer by mhmm !
Ask your girlfriend.

Answer by Ⱦina™
Really??? This is a real question?

Answer by Derek
cheating doesnt count during pregnancy, every guy knows that

Answer by The Doctor
ha… you are an a.s.s.h.o.l.e. and she deserves so much better, just masturbate, worked when you were a teen, it can work now

Answer by bbkb
any encounter of infidelity will not only haunt you but scare your partners ability to trust, understand what she is going through with the pregnancy, and dont betray her because you want to be selfish, how would you feel if she cheated on you no matter what the situation, think of your child and your girlfriend before you make this life altering decision

Answer by sweetassuga04
So, Im wondering…are you REALLY this big of an asshole, or is it just to get attention? If I were your girlfriend…I’d bitchslap you, then kick your ass to the curb. She deserves better. Apparently she hasnt ALWAYS turned you down…she IS pregnant. Stupid retard.

Answer by Jr. is angry

if you lover the girlfriend you share the pregnancy. she is not refusing sex because she is mean.

if you dont care about her or your kid, if you have no intention of being in the kids life, then go for it.

Answer by thegamez30
idk man think of the kid wat will he be looking up too if not his father. dr.dre and the cronic album i think not.

Answer by mncheer
ummm sir. that would be called cheating. wait until the baby is born, its better than ruining your relationship.
plus their a thing called jacking off

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