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Posted in Babysitting on 8th December 2010

is going to a firework show on shrooms a bad idea?
I plan on doing mushrooms for my first time at a 4th of july fireworks show, i have a friend that will be sober and said she will “babysit” me while i am tripping.

But is being in a packed football stadium during a firework show, on mushrooms a bad idea?

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Answer by carlos a
never choose a public setting for the first time for anything, specially drugs, try ’em out before so u know how u react to them

Answer by Nancy
i did that for last years fireworks in public , its not a bad idea but if not experienced with them you SHOUlD have someone to keep a look out for you .

Answer by imlyn
i never did nor would i do that. i have heard your mood before u do it is a big factor. if u are kinda depressed or sad beforehand, do not do it.
most of all, think twice before doing it in public, you might make a regretful @#% of yourself.

Answer by Hustlin’ and Scratchin’
Wow… that sounds like it would be amazing. Go for it dude. Just try to keep your cool, nobody knows youre on shrooms unless you tell em. I dunno about the loud noise of the fireworks though… that would kinda make me a bit uncomfortable. I think if you have the option, do acid instead.

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