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Posted in Child Support on 19th October 2011

Is child support “slavery?” ?
I’ve seen this claim made here a few times. That men who never wanted children to begin with should not have to pay child support because they never had a choice and it is “state sanctioned slavery.”

So then, if someone owes money as settlement from a law suit, is that “slavery?” If one is fined because of negligence, is that “slavery?”

Is every instance where one has to pay due to negligence or irresponsible behavior “slavery?” If not, what’s the difference?
Peter N, “punishing hard work is slavery?” Since when? I’ve always been under the impression that slavery was defined as being owned by another person, denied personal freedoms, and compelled to perform labor or services. How does what you said fit in that definition?
Gun Fanatic, a woman *is* being responsible when she has an abortion, because she is avoiding bringing a child into the world that she can’t afford. How is that not not a responsible action?
If you can’t see the difference between obligating someone to pay for their actions and forcing someone to act as an incubator for a fetus, then there is not much to discuss. You are either being willfully obtuse, or quite incapable of reason.
I block Idiots, interesting story, but is that really the norm? In my state, all a non-custodial parent has to do is file paper work when they lose their job, and a moratorium is applied. Also, I know men that are many, many months past due (my sister’s husband is one) and usually are, and he has never gone to jail. I think those stories are more the exception than the rule.
Beep, it’s not very clear, are you saying that if a man wanted custody, and he doesn’t get it, that it’s then slavery to help support his children? But only if he wanted custody? How does that work?
Zipperhead, so then, it’s indentured servitude if you cause an accident and have to pay for the damages? So no should have to pay for irresponsible actions, then, ever?

Best answer(s):

Answer by ♥Red Panda♥
Men who never wanted children should have never had sex. They had the choice to have sex…too bad.

Slavery? No because he isn’t purchased or owned.

You break it you bought it.

Answer by rye.
Well I wouldn’t say it was slavery, but I think it’s kind of unfair that women are the only ones who have a say in whether the child should be aborted or given up for adoption, but if they choose to keep it, the man is responsible for child support.

Answer by $ andman
if your state voted to allow abortion,giving the “choice”solely to the woman,the father should also have a choice…

Answer by Guy Y
No, its not slavery. I guess its technically a matter of financial obligation that may feel like slavery, but I would never say that it is that much like slavery. In slavery, the person (here the father) would be owned or purchased. With child support he is just obligated to pay the mother, but his actions are up to him.

Answer by varixis
LOL i’ve never heard it referred to as “slavery”. Slavery is when you force someone to do something – yes I can see the argument on that end.

Here’s the big hole in the “i never wanted to have children” complaint. IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO! If a woman and the guy dont want children fine – to be absolutely sure the guy should escort the woman to teh doctor. not only does wonder for the supportive brownie points!!

to teh guy = too late asshole! you brought the baby in the world so you pay! *literally*

Answer by Peter N
Well, lets say that support is ordered. Then the guy, instead of working a deadend job, decides to go into debt and get a college education. (Something the mother could also do.)

Well when that guy finishes school and gets a good job……..what does he get for all his hard work? The woman can raise the amount of child support even though she has the same opportunity to get an education as he did.

Now that part is slavery because it punishes hard work.

Answer by cristinakidd69
Men who don’t want children should take steps to ensure they don’t impregnate anyone. If they are slaves to anything it is their own lack of self control.

Answer by soulz
No, it’s called responsibility. Perhaps if they don’t want children they should offer to pay half the cost for birth control.

Answer by getagrip
Let’s see. child support is assistance to a child that you helped create and are responsible for till the age of 18. Those who whine that they didn’t want children, should have taken precaution, or zip their pants. Being fined for negligence, is a punishment doled out to you. Slavery is not an act or choice. Its something forced on you It is having all power and rights taken away from you. Big difference from where I stand.

Answer by Gun Fanatic
Then you would also agree that women need to be responsible and carry their pregnancy to term instead of having abortion?

Let not forget the fact that women can easily and legally avoid responsibility altogether(with abortion) whereas men can’t.

A lot of feminists and women here scream about how “forced pregnancy” is “slavery”, but at the same time they see nothing wrong with forcing the man to pay child support…


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