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Posted in Babysitting on 31st March 2013

help invasion of privacy please?
What can I do .. My aunt was “baby sitting” on the issue I’m old enough to be alone at home, but my mother is obsessed with her sisters and made over her. However, she was told to come at 9, and they arrived at 6 -. – And I’m like WT Then, when I’m on FB and look at my messages it comes ands she begins to read! It is to say to me what to do and when it may tun.Dies about how I have to do the wrong thing, but I’ve already talked about it with my parents and it’s good to tell me her “lost”, but I am not the kind of person. I need to “trick” them into doing something else to me alone lassen.Es really annoying me + is her breath smells really bad, and her face is like right next to me and it smells bad: LPS I am writing this while Sunrise observed (only the parts she is interested, then they come back here) Please help! What can I do? I’m not the kind of teen who do stupid things … was named the only reason she got, because I recently had my wisdom teeth out and my parents do not think I’ll be able to defend myself against someone they broke in. .. I think I’ll just say, go wants a movie and your sowing a shower coz I LOLDanke for proposals but 🙂 Best Answer (s):

response from Ford_Craney
if you have a job at home and a way of moving, you may need supervised.Too teenage girls need to be out there making dates on facebook , etc. raped pregnant killed

response from IloveBEAUTYandMUM
can tell you their might to give you some space politly or tell your mom and dad get a new “babysitter”? ??

response from betsy &&
just trying to keep occpied tell her you need her to pick up tampons or something, because you made them? , try to get them interested in a really good movie or TV show, which lasts a few hours? tryy her sleeping pills glide into her drink, to let them pass it tell you make, you need something to be stitched? only try small things to her


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