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Posted in Toddlers on 28th December 2010

Intro to milk for 1 yr old- problems with transitioning?
We tried switching over to whole milk a little at a time by mixing 2 parts milk with 6 parts formula, but it still upset his tummy. He has been on a special formula for spitting up, but is not lactose intolerant. Do we try a “toddler” next step formula now? Any other methods of transitioning out there? I asked about soy before, but got a lot of ppl telling me soy is bad so, what else is there to do?
We tried for a few feedings- about 4 times and each time he ended up with an upset stomach. We only use organic milk.

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Answer by joseph_alabat
Contact the Texas CPS. They know everything about making messes.

Answer by momoftwo
I mix milk with water for my son and he does fine. I just mix it half and half. The pediatrician says he’d thriving and doing great so there is no need to worry.

Answer by hamsterbabies
If you sign up with Enfamil, they usually give you a free trial of the Next Step Formula for free in the mail with coupons.

If you need something right now, I would try the Toddler formula. Then about halfway through the can, try putting the whole milk in the formula…. and then gradually add more whole milk to the ratio.

Have you tried different kinds of whole milk? (maybe try a carton of organic whole milk, or another name brand from Trader Joe’s?) I’m surprised that little bit in the milk is upsetting him. How long has it been going on? If it lasts less than a week, maybe he is teething or caught a bug.

Answer by Melissa A
I would suggest 2% milk. When I first did that transition from formula to milk my daughter seems to always get sick with the whole milk so instead of whole milk we gave her 2% milk and since then shes been fine.

Answer by threenorns
if it’s upsetting his stomach, then he shouldn’t be drinking it.

have you tried alternative milks – goat’s milk, f.ex, or donated human milk?

yoghurt is also a good substitute for whole milk. you could also try carnation milk diluted half and half – i had to feed my second daughter that when she proved intolerant to every single formula on the market and, 20yrs ago, i was told she was allergic to my milk but we know now it was only a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance issue and easily rectified.

why is he spitting up if he’s not lactose intolerant?

he could have what my daughter had: a weak stomach valve and an overactive gag reflex.

soya, like baby formula, is not bad when it’s used properly – ie, other methods have failed. there are many many perfectly healthy babies who were raised successfully on soya formula (or they wouldn’t still be selling the stuff, yeah?). the concern is that soya contains phytoestrogens – plant substances that mimic human hormone. since he’s a toddler and presumably eatnig solid food, the formula wouldn’t be his sole source of sustenance so the concern drops drastically.

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