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Posted in Babysitting on 24th November 2010

Insider Tips About Baby Sitting

Do you want to earn extra money on the weekends? Do you like working with kids? Are you a mature, responsible individual? You might want to consider baby sitting!

This business is one in which many teenagers get involved while in high school and college. It is a fantastic way to earn money, learn how to conduct yourself professionally, and gain work experience before you enter the real world. In order to be one of the best babysitters in your neighborhood, you need to arm yourself with these all-important insider baby sitting tips. Once you have learned these tips inside and out and know how to apply them in the correct situations, you will be one of the most sought after sitters in the city!

The first, most important tip you need to remember is to act polite, mature, and responsible at all times. If parents do not think they can trust you to care for their children, then you will never get the job. First impressions are incredibly important. If you arrive at the house on time and are dressed appropriately with a positive attitude, you are already 85% there. Most parents will interview you in person before they decide to hire you. Always provide them with a few references at the end of the interview whether they asked for them or not. This action will prove to them that you are a professional, mature individual!

Once you have impressed the parents and they hire you, you now need to impress the kids! Their opinions are extremely important because they are the ones with whom you actually have to spend your time! In order to impress them, you need to know about what types of activities and games are the most appropriate for each age level. Clear all the baby games with the parents first, especially if they might be messy.

Lastly, negotiate your fee with the parents beforehand. You are entering a business relationship so both sides need to agree on what the services are and what the payment is. If they have three children and your standard rate is for one, let the parents know that you charge extra per child. They might also expect you to do some light house work or cook dinner. As long as both parties are clear on the terms, everyone will have a great baby sitting experience. Good luck finding those baby sitting jobs!

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