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Infants lonely?
I have a 3 year old sister and I always feel bad for her, because no one is young enough to play with her or pay attention to ihr.Meine family takes it once in a while, but no one really pays attention, and I see them just talking in general to sichWir are all busy with our work, at school, cleaning around the house, so no one really makes time for her and she has no other young toddlers or children around here spielen.also Infants lonely? this will do any kind of damage to her, I’m trying to convince my mother put her in preschool so she will have friends, but they do not want to pay for it and thinks that my sister sick more often when they order a bunch of “dirty little toddlers” is Best Answer (s):

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Yes, they are lonely. I would not say it would be “damaging” them, but I would say it could make it harder for them to be friends as soon as they start school, and maybe even the loneliness schlimmer.Es is a very good idea in the preschool set, but if your mother does not want that for them, then they should pay to take the responsibility yourself to ensure that the child gets plenty of interaction, even if it’s not with children their age, it will be good for them .

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Yes, toddlers can get lonely and yes, it will damage you if they do not. Around other children her age The great thing about being a kid, your imagination is limitless, I’m sure they can talk for hours to keep up with a single game or a cardboard box, but it is einsam.Uris to play crucial for young children and interact with other children. This is how they first learn social interaction with peers. It will not give to their psychological problems, it is not an ax wielding maniac when she grows up, if not before, a school has to go, but it is much more likely to be a shy and introverted young girl and may find it difficult friendships schließen.Und as for her being sick all the time, which is a nonsense. Of course, the chances are they will increase sick, but if they do not get a cold every now and then their immune system does not learn how to think common viruses and she’l be sick a lot as an adult to kämpfen.Ich, it is very important they go before school. I think of, when he was 7 months old my son started pre-school! This was mainly because of my partner works and because I was attending college again, so that he would come with me to school and go to kindergarten there that was free. So it is going to definitely a very young age, but I am glad that he is, he is an affable and friendly his child as a result.

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I think every child does not get the attention of family members to get some kind of emotional damage. My husband and I are busy with all the same things, but we purposely play as much time as possible every day with our son, plenty of hugs and kisses, to talk to him, to read with him and help teach numbers, letters, ect … Children who have attention. Not to judge or anything, but I do not understand how someone could not pay attention to their own children ..

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“We are all busy with our work, at school, cleaning around the house” job: that a child, play with friends, play groups church, playground, park, independent game, cartoons, toys, sports instruction school: she needs to their parents or grandparents with their work with preschool children, activity workbooks, flashcards, coloring, crayon, numbers, writing, etc have cleaning around the house: they can help clean, load the washer / dryer with parents, sweep, take toys away in box bed, Windex window with supervision as a wet cloth to clean the furniture, etc

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