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Posted in Toddlers on 31st October 2010

question from Love Me Or Hate Me …: Infant “parenting” other children ?
I’m doing research for a college paper for signs and effects of child abuse toddler. One of the characters is listed, that the child try to “parents’ other children, but I can not find any examples of what it means. Can someone give me some examples of small children (those who can not speak and it’s who can) Best Answer:

reply sunshineandskylar
I have a soon to be 4 years old and soon to be old to 2 year. My 4 year old, has health problems so it is mentally about 18 months old. My 2 year old, is constantly telling my 4yr old, what to do in so many words. When I say, lets go, grabs her hand and says “Sissy to come, if I tell my 4 year old says none of the younger,” No mam ‘(i usually tell them no mam, maybe they will try some manners) they told her to get from the things that she is on climbing and in general is the head of the gang. I try not to “spank” them but sometimes a little spit on your hands, if not not work, but it is usually with two fingers. But sometimes I have to correct the 2 years old because she gets away, carried out the correction of the 4yr old. Hope this helps

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