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in Germany women who are their gender roles as “raven mothers” give up?
“Bad mother” or raven mother is a bad mother and a wife that works. This kind of women very much on in Germany frowned. Therefore, it is not surprse that Germany is the leading economy in Europe and a manufacturing powerhouse, while Sweden and other Scandinavian countries are feminist become very stagnant and much smaller economies. Women in Germany know their job is to be with the children, and the system works very well and the results speak for themselves. Feminists have only on the success of Germany to see that their way of doing things is total garbage and not more than one female fantasy of equality. Germany is proof that feminism is total nonsense. “A credible estimate, says the Institute for Economic Research no more than 2.2% of management jobs in the largest German companies are held by women. This prompted the country’s labor minister Ursula von der Leyen, propose the odds, the reservation 30% of leadership positions for Frauen.Deutsch business associations agreed to the Idee.Sie that improvements are necessary, but said that the imposition of the rule would make the German economy less competitive. My argument is that the companies to force posts to people who would not otherwise choose to give, is to allow them to choose a less suitable person. “http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business- 12703897Definition Rabbenmutter – A loveless, heartless, cruel, unnatural, or indifferent mother, a bad mother, taking good care of their children will not be considered @ Grandma Tee -., this “cost” of human rights seems to be a great success, people all over the world is. Not only that, but in many other countries in the German economy in search of a model on the pattern itself including the UK @ Sam Padmore. – If you are using feminist criteria to assess the quality of life, then obviously gain the most feminist countries would. Look at the size of the economies for a more accurate picture. Germany dominated Sweeden in almost every category that really counts. The participation of women apparently they will not ever again actually holds it seems Germany all other forward past in Europe antreiben.Ranny @ Tea – Germany recognizes that the feminist woman, is a grotesque and terrible twisted shape of the woman. Any woman who shy away from their children and not to stay at home to care for them and the evil self centered, cruel and unnatural. Gender is important when a lot of time with children to consider as the role of women predominantly. As for custody, women who should not be considered custody to find himself in such a position as they will be proven unfit @ Grandma Tee -. These women are clearly not suppressed as they benefit from the largest economy in the world. Men free in their natural female roles, and constantly bending backwards without interference, so as not thrive women earn a work space that they give and have past any other economy in the world away. The world can not get enough of products manufactured in Germany. Women benefit from this diversification. They are certainly not suppressed. Especially for the large number of German tourists in London, where one to indicate how oppressed the women live. They appear with a lot of fun for me Best Answer (s):.

by Granny Tea answer
It sounds used as a shaming tactic to gender roles that they zwingen.Denken otherwise not selected females, this is a good idea? ? Choosing what you think is better for business at the expense of human rights Forcing someone into a gender role that limits their personal potential, is a form of oppression, whether by law or by social Druck.Edit: set equal to your original definition of this term with women who work … Therefore, labeling women as loveless work, heartless, cruel, unnatural, callous and a bad mother who does not take care of their Kinder.Heißt that mean that men who work, are just as bad by parents? Why should those gender matter when it comes to the time with which children. If work makes women bad mothers, then working fathers are also bad … unless you’re suggesting that the children need their mother and care love much more than that of their fathers. If yes, then could explain why so many choose male judges to give women the sole custody of their children after a divorce. Am I to assume you agree with such a judgment, the Edit custody: A success for whom? Definitely not for the people whose rights will be affected. You have not really written proof of this assertion anyway. Even if it is true, a better economy is never a good excuse to suppress 50% Bevölkerung.Kein doubt that the U.S. would have a better economy if they never released the slaves. Why not slavery back on the list of options, if you think this kind of questionable “economic” strategy is perfectly fine Edit: you’re not using logic. You support all your arguments on cultural assumptions and emotionality. Use logic next time, so there is actually something for me to give a rebuttal. Nothing you just said, is based on data or facts … only sexist cultural bias based. Give it another shot and usage data this time please. Is it very difficult to make a logical discussion with someone who only uses emotions, cultural prejudices and opinion their evidence to haben.Edit: You always do not have any links to your evidence, but simply on more and more unsupported Forderungen.Ja, everyone whose potential is bounded and decisions with which they were born on the basis of the genitals, and is not suppressed and unfairly treated specially away gemacht.http :/ / www.thefreedictionary.com / oppressedFalls on their individual skills and abilities, these women opted for a more traditional way of life to live without shamed and forced into it, then it would not be suppression … but from what you showed is not so.Edit: Call me progressive, but I tend to put human rights on the economy.

Answer by Sam Padmore
So you are telling me that a country like Sweden, which is extremely high in relation to the quality of life on place is worse than a country like Saudi Arabia, where women have no rights at all? Germany has a lot of female rights. What falls dir.Edit: In answer to your question, in what universe does not exist in Germany have the rights of women? I feel that you have something set, German Grannies say, plucked and that is now all the data that you need to claim that Germany does not support female rights. Germany is very accommodating for working women, in fact, it is my intention to transfer it in a few years. You can with the worst example, a backup copy of your claim. I’m actually surprised that I did. So much effort into answering your question, if you clear either’ll find a massive troll or an idiot

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on his forehead furrowed? If there frowning are mainly men on these women, then …. I do not think these women care.

Answer by Erwin
As more women will put in the work force as an improvement? Germany is doing well now. I as an engineer would like to have a job in Germany as an economic power house produce “real” goods feminized not like other countries that only offer service goods then decided to bomb other countries if they lack resources sind.Wer should punish proposed gender quotas with death sentence @ tea:. When Women loyal get their natural roles, then I agree, women should then the standard guardian is. But the kind of women seldom ask for divorce ein.Es male roles is to be the breadwinner, so it does not make him a bad father when he decided to work. This is the gender roles of nature, not design determines up to you! Slavery has nothing to do with the stability of the family unit. Nice try with your style of feminist argument aber.Wie it is not logical when women born with the womb and breast, therefore they should be the ones to maintain?, You are the one who. Emotional arguments They speak only based on selfish female Gier.Haha, so equating Women as natural mothers natural instinct of murder? They are really verloren.Medizin is a good “unnatural” scientific progress, but it can have side effects. Same applies to nuclear technology. But feminism? What offers? Brainwashed products as you, broken families, loose morals, messed up justice. The same applies, Communism, Communism is not natural and only good at destroying Ländern.Ihre “human rights” can only in the first World countries be maintained at the expense of others. Feminized Nations has become part commy and it is time that their economies to crash. Then, it will be back to old lovin Patriarchate again. I’ll be there for you 🙂 Request a brainwashing is not a personal attack, it’s a fact! , I’m brainwashed by scientific evidence of Gehirnwäsche.Dann blindly loyal to your idea that women equal to men it is “logical”! Who are you to define logical? I refer my logic to nature. Your logic you are referring to how women should CEOs and astronauts with the help of welfares and Odds “The presence of a uterus and breasts is not that a woman somehow limited with childcare skills.” – I’m not saying that women are limited, but Women should not have to give by feminism brainwashed undergo humanity can support a few CEOs of women, but if we all women leave their natural tendency, then we have a problem. Women can be anything they want, just remember its natural role as a carer. Men are built and specialized to be bread winners, it is a biological lottery, cry me a river if you do not mögen.Die nation that was very you live just developed and concreted by a patriarchal society. U.S. founding fathers were all men, they return to their homes, their wives, who were to submit completely to their natural tendency. Companies in the past exist only because of patriarchy. Your argument is invalid. They are occupying your argument straw picking countries that wird.http devastated by wars and lack of modernity :/ / www.youtube.com/watch?v=EtFO2BjTTk4Der feminism is genocide of Dr. Will Pierce. That sums up my point of view video. No Feminists have no logical ability to understand its excellent, clear view. I wish you good luck, if you like to do without your feminine ego to be played on this video educate ist.Chancengleichheit has by nature since the time of the first Amoebas ever appear on this planet. As I said, it is a biological lottery. Women are born to be nurses. Just so happens that the Modern women can be free, but is it worth to break it to gender harmony for this exemption? Looks to me the answer is yes for you, but not for mich.Gengkhis Khan would not be able to conquer all of Mongolia when he werden.Dann serviced 50% of its armies, are held by women not just to prove your point force correlation, it shows your desperation. , Japan is a patriarchal nation (they even make video games about rape and nobody can say anything) and it is one of the most advanced countries in the Welt.Frauen is key for the advancement or the extermination of people that ultimately the key to humanity’s destiny.

used Answer by RAWR
in other words, the suppression of half of the population, make the other half rich? I mean, already found feminists that this as the purpose of oppression female, a long time before you do not, bro.

Answer by John
Very poorly informed.

Answer by Lili
Ah yes, the old Nazi kids, Kitchen, paradigm KircheUnd Germany it was so good, right? To the extent that the country werden.Als built by the United States after the war more than a historian of World War II found the Allies made any use of their power woman, the spiritual and work posts, the women were making, but not the Germans. And this contributed to their Zerstörung.Du seem to be forgotten, that in Germany Chancellor is female, that they are a former Wissenschaftler.Sie not very bright, or Edit: BTW, in our distant past, families, extended clans and tribes supported on the labor contributions of both sexes or species could not have survived. Men had more upper body strength and was therefore better hunters, but when game was scarce, as it was often women who are fed up with their family gathering professions, called for the sharp observation among others. So it was probably a woman who found out that people could cultivate plants that could be managed, which in turn led to the creation of communities settled, urban development, technical work, reading and writing, and a whole series of recognized aspects of civilized life. We all would not be here if it not only to keep going not the way women employed their talents the species, but in place the foundations of civilization set gewesen.Angela Merkel would certainly agree.

Light green answer
Cool name, shame that it uses an insult wird.Was is so wrong with working mother, especially when he is no longer the family, homeless or go without food or heating. The cost of living in the UK is incredibly high, and need to work on the mother, or are extremely bad and go or bases without Schulden.Ha ha, you mention get men to their natural roles, of course, for women who do not working, says work. They are so out of tune with the rest of the western world.

are response of Pi ¨ ¨ 03
Working mothers neither bad mother called in German, they are still frowned upon. Many, if not most women work nowadays. A “bad mother” is a mother who does not really work caring for their children, which goes all night clubbing or things. Not a woman who has to work their children have a good future.

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