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question with “y” : in all honesty (“would you rape your mother”), why do ?
.. White people ask how ridiculous questions in relation to the suffering of blacks in Africa and other parts of the world …… , Let’s go back a few hundred or thousand Jahren.alles what had been Africa and freely shared with the ancient world (I assume that everone knows by now that life started there), like the mother that she is . some of their children decided that they would rape, tourture and then deny her.they made their children as slaves and turned the bounty of their boosom four tunes in their own conscience and not beat her every time she tried to get up, but the pressure was difficult for sie.Brust was hardly in a desolate location, the lives of those who raped her and left her to die and micarriage as lies concocted to put them in his Tory. forgein “but they rise,” she lied abandoed they and the world, through their seed Größe.ihre true even to this day, although they were stripped of their lifeline Kampf.ihre brains forced to speak in tongues and denied food, s the true learning they were beaten and lied without Reue.sie were not the same opportunties other because of their “color” to give them jobs, where even though they are willing and able and labeled lazy and those who have the power it had never forgotten. they enjoyed in their misery and poured salt on their wounds.their was pain in her sadistic senseless crusades befriedigend.sie said that “all men were equal” but some chained to the bottom of the ship while others enjoyed the beautiful landscape Fahrt.arbeitete to the land and the pay was 20 lashes on his back, while the other put the “Blood Money”, who stopped by his brothers kam.die misery all the time Mother Africa their grief is never Kinder.materiellen profit nothing to thos who in the love have been created to love lehren.aber capable in this world as soulless creature as hideous and go down right evil things and then fervently deny it is a mystery to us all, their true origins cotemplate shutter speed to do such things to does know a dog let alone a mother afric Mannes.auch today is a cespool but we all came from that cespool.her children are suffering around the world, named because of what happened in the past (yesterday) it rises to and all their children crying in her majestic voice, come to in.Ja that means. “You also” It’s been a tough day, the trip to nowhere, the African light to all its people .. Truth is sound, but ignorance is taub.es, s arrogant and polluted it, s stench was damaged and in it, s self in this self acclamied “Dog Eat Dog World”. if you are holding me down like you can go anywhere? Their growth is as well! stunted! but let the truth mother said Africa is still their wealth and wisdom never free to steal it. (A stolen cookies must taste better than one that is given .. or does not matter how you feel about it). Love is priceless her heart still warm, her creative jucie not never heard of her or her or their children, their eyes stopped crying and she moans follow “you.” because you (white) Albino her son were not you born as I despised the uterus that surround you for 9 months only in a sun that did not adopt you baptized gebacken.ihr water you, as I did when you broke.but tyurned with envy and hatred, malice was never your friend and as the cold country, which would be at home, so you hear war.Sie far better to use a sunless environment and were cave dwellers and night hunters with eyes like the cat, nor thy flesh prefearring rare (raw). still the dripping blood seems to excite and move uncontrollable Gewalt.Ihr genisis was Africa (Genealogy of Isis “Lady”), but you say that SA liegen.Sie go to church and say, Amen, signifies the conclusion and then ruthless in the way but I continue to say “Amen”, as in (Amen-Ra, the true meaning of the word, because I got it and everything others for you!). tomorrow is another day, but they won, t change change.can? To change you want or you will continue on until you are no more. (They are only 7% of world population, why are you on other people than yours, the right’s attempt to) despise. If you are an outcast, and the whole society, what you have to do Mother Africa (“Your mother and mine”) and this Welt.mit open arms were received and slaughtered in return mamied, burnned, tourtured, stole, enslaved and lied.but what it has gone up …. but you have to call other races audi city ignorant? after all is said and done, the question is “DO YOU WANT TO RAPE your mother” this is not an insult but it may seem to be insulting. “The real answer is LOVE WHO CARES what the question is “…. from that date it must be peace not hate and your response makes the whole world will know your wishes Best Answer:

response of Z
How about this: Cut your Kriminalitätsrate.Beenden bitchin if you do not get your way and work for it like everyone else you auch.Nehmen the responsibility euch.Wenn my house for you to come Robbin, I do not give, af * ck about your history or the fact that your father is in prison, you will always be a shotgun blast right to the face.

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