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Posted in Babysitting on 14th November 2013

I am under 18, the humane society to hire me?
I sent without noticing a voluntary application, the minimum age for CT humane society is 18 … I am very qualified to accept that I’m underage! I have incredible experience and the feeling that I could be better qualified than a 18-year-old. Is there any chance that I get in? and only serious answers Best Answer (s):

Reply sleepycatz1972
it all depends on the shelter and why they have age restrictions. if it’s just a matter of preference, because they do not want to “babysit” a number of younger children, then yes, you have a good chance they speak so you despite your being underage freiwillig.aber if the age limit is in place because of insurance issues, then you are probably out of luck. Sometimes these are in force, because the debt is simply too big for them with when it comes to treat minors, and that must be respected, regardless of how well qualified you bist.wenn you do not hear from them in a week , call and ask to speak to the volunteer coordinator or director of the shelter. talking to them can help to get them to see that you are one of the more serious young people who are willing to share their time and knowledge is put to good use for them. Best of luck! the world could use more young people are willing to help the animals of the world.

Reply by Hanna K
u can only volenteir

response from Canada
it just depends on the I think Tierheimi volenteered in a shelter when i was like 5 or 6, so that the protection

I think it just depends on

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