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Posted in Child Care on 22nd July 2012

I’m really starting to hate my job & all my co-workers act so superior & treat me like a child… advice?
Is this like that at every job? I work at Walmart & it’s my 1st retail job. I’ve been there for 3 months & have never really “cared” for it, but I manage. However, about a few weeks ago, things started going down hill. I’m only 20 & the 3 other ladies who work within my specific department are much older, but still very nice & supportive… or so I thought. I found them to be gossiping about me once, which kind of shattered me, because I had no problems with them. I didn’t say anything. Lately, it’s been getting worse though. I had to count all the items that weren’t available & I went to lunch. I come back & the 1 lady I worked with today actually went through our entire department & rechecked everything. Then, had the nerve to tell me to basically “pay attention” to things more”. She did this, because she had nothing better to do. Also, she always is suspecting that I’m fooling around at work or whatever. I hadn’t seen her for a while, because I was putting new price tags up in an isle & she asked where I was at. I told her & she said “Oh.” in a teacher voice. I feel so much more intelligent than they give me credit for. They don’t teach me anything & when actual managers ask me to do something, I’m lost. Every time I do something, SOMEONE always has to recheck it. I’m 20 years old…. yes. But, I’m not 10. Any advice or experiences? How did you cope?
Everyday, I continue to put on my happy face & get through the day by chatting with & helping the customers. It’s all I can do, but it’s getting stressful, because I’m also taking full semester college classes.

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Answer by Honey Bunny
I know what you mean! I worked as a cashier in a supermarket, and the others were supposed to fill me in on things. Some of them did, but one of the older women, man she hated me! Don’t know why, I was just there to do my job. When I figured out that she didn’t like me, I thought fine we don’t have to like each other, just work together. I thought things were okay but she was going to the manager telling him that I was selling alcohol to minors and doing god knows what. Luckily me and the manager got along great so he told me to watch out for her.

It never got better, unfortunately, and I was so glad when I left that place, because I had come to dread going to work. Just keep doing what you’re doing, immerse yourself in other things, at least Wal-Mart is a bigger store so you don’t see them as much, but watch out for any attempts to sabotage you!

Answer by hass
you need to tell them there is a problem in a productive manner.

say “it would help me more if you spent time teaching me the correct way instead of just reviewing my work, because I honestly thought I did the job correctly. What did I do wrong?”

If you don’t let them know there is a problem they wont know. You have to say it. And I am sure you won’t add in any overtones or undertones of impoliteness in what you say because you don’t sound like you have that attitude about the problem.

Be careful not to assume they are ever being impolite, because you might be making the wrong assumption and that would count as a strike against you to confront them about it in the workplace.

It sounds to me like they are honestly trying to help you to get the job done right but are failing as teachers. Before you review work you have to teach how to do it. Then teach even more if it is not done right. You need to urge them to teach you. You might want to ask for an explanation for why something needs to be done a certain way if you don’t get it. Or you will suspect it is dumb and pointless or you will suspect they are just trying to aggravate you.
This is a good way to figure out if they are, because there is no response if they are trying to upset you besides an answer or “i don’t know either why we do it this way” which is acceptable.

Tell the manager you have not been trained on that yet if he asks you to do it and leave it at that. If he is the manager it’s his JOB to manage you. do you know what that means? He needs to get you trained, keep track of your training, and find people who know how to get a job done to do it. He is a bit flaky to ask you to do something you don’t have the skills to do yet. But you have to be polite and explain you don’t know how to do it yet. It’s his job to take it from there. “Find someone to train you” is not acceptable it might sound rude but if a manage said this to me I would in all seriousness explain to him that it is his job to know who can train me and get them the time to do it.

Answer by Tina
I would let them know that you don’t like the way that they speak to you. Normally bullies aren’t aware of how they are affecting people, if you let her know and she continues then I would schedule a meeting with management. Follow the chain of command from there. I think she will be shocked if you confront her in a professional way.

Answer by Y
dont listen to hass, those women know what they are doing, they know they are shitty, if they were truly nice and wanted to help you they would. they are old women still working at walmart, and probably not leaving anytime soon. you are a young, possibly pretty woman working and going to school. they may be jealous. im not sure, but i wouldnt be surprised if they were. some older women are like that at work, just shitty. just keep doing your job the best that you can, cover your own a** so they cant get you in trouble (some things migh be unavoidable) and dont let them make work a crappy environment for you. they are the gossipy hens, and it sounds like they arent good for much. you are in school and are reaching for something more, stay focused and dont let them drag you down or get you down. you dont always have to be nice and talk to them, sometimes you have to let a jerk know that you arent gonna be a part of their shit. soemtimes that means ignoring them. sometimes it may mean calling them on your shit. dont risk your job for these retards tho. and by the way bullies are fully aware of how they are treating you. they do it on purpose. dont let them know their behavior is getting to you, this will make them want to do it more, so i dont recommend going to these people and saying it hurts my feelings, or blah blah blah, they are not professional, they will only think you are naive or something and they may be nice for awhile but they will go right back to what they are doing. you can straight up call someone out on their stuff if you want, but you could try to remove yourslef from the siuation sometimes by simply finding something else to do and telling them you are busy you will talk to them later, if they try to chat with you, or simply just walking away from them when they are being jekrs. you dont have to be friendly with them all the time. you dont have to talk to them all the time, you can choose to not be bothered with them sometimes. dont be dramatic just try to find a way to not have to interact with them all the time. sometimes its good to take a little breather from jerks.

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