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Posted in Babysitting on 21st November 2010

question from Lauren * : I’m really nervous Babysitting ?
Ok, so my mother went to this barbecue with their friends (who have much younger children) and she brought me a poster for my Babysitter “Carrèrre” made. (No LOL! Carrèrre I’m 12) And I’m so nervous to do so. Some of the children I had met at the last BBQ SOO cute and sweet! And I know they could Occationally angry! I have never been matched, except for my little brother. But my 16-year-old sister is doing well with me. How well do you know to go is it? I think we have a lot pactience and were responsible, I can cook many things that kids like. (I love to cook!) And were sweet. Is it really hard to babysit? What do you do with children? And what age are they? Do they cry a lot? Should I toy or what? What would you tell parents when I was painting on girls nails when there are 8 or 11 or what? HELP! Fear! If they want to cry, what do you do to make them happy? (What should I do different things age?) How do I put the kids like me and the parents also Best Answer:

reply Linds ♥
First Babysitter’s no big deal. And I’m worried about everything:] I’m sitting for: twin three year olds, 11 & 8-year-old sister, a 3-year-old boy and his 9-year-old brother, and my little Schwester.Die twins are usuallly pretty good, they only fight together, and listen to me when I tell them all, but her as my little brother and sister, so they know they need to hear:] The 11 & 8 years old are also good. I can promise you the parents do not get angry if your nails, they will paint her sweet think. Again, they are each other more than they fight you to kämpfen.Die guys are pretty good, but very active and sometimes hard to keep. Just do not let them too close to the street to schließen.Sie do not have to bring on the toys, I can guarantee that children have enough plus, its her Lieblingsspielzeug.Wenn your sisters with you, there should be no problem. You sound like you do, fine. Just relax, children are fun.

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