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question of richardpauldenney : I’m in the middle of “The Tainted” My new book, reading a piece of it now and Tell Me What You Think ?
NO mean or HARSH comments will be willkommen.Wer go Mean Or Hate On My WorkWoanders because I will not, of course egal.Das book this summer from BPOEP Inc.www.myspace.com / richardjustwantstohavefun for more info .- “The Tainted “(Chapter One)-PS. “The spelling and grammar are not perfect, but that’s why my editor Alissa A GOD lol” sat Copyright © 2009 Richard Paul Denney / BPOEP________________________________________________Gavin in the driver’s side of his new vocabulary, he wanted to cry so bad, but she held back all was high Gavin Wills one of the best dancers Tantle, girls always trying to get his number, but they did not know, was the only person he ever wanted his number to give Alex Tanner was the best on the basketball Tantle team had, Gavin brown hair and green eyes, but they were always overshadowed by his glasses. Kristen at his window, knocked “I think she’s dead,” said Kristen, as she had seen a ghost, her face was pale, Kristen Wills Gavin’s sister, the most popular girl was in grade school through Middle Earth, but as a freshman year in Marcy Keppler stole the queen bee and Kristen has been last in line, Kristen had red hair and even the greenest eyes anyone has ever seen, she and Gavin had the perfect life until this evening, Gavin and Kristen were on their way back from the movies, if they decided to take a different route to another route, in a horrible nightmare, beat it to someone. but only had the courage to go see Kristen, who exactly they had speared into the ground, Kristen went on, was silent about it only have the dirt road heads crunching under Kristen’s shoes was all I could hear what they do. The body of a girl in front of them adopted Gavin in the driver’s side of his new vocabulary was, look, he did not want Kristen bent down and took her cell phone, which was enough light to check, who covered in darkness, dirt and blood, it was Marcy Keppler, she was dead. Kristen went back to the car dodging to the side, nausea, she’d never seen a dead body, especially the girl she hated most, the bitch that its crown, the bitch who took her friend had seen 3 times. Kristen Gavin on windows knocked “I think she’s dead,” she said, as Gavin opened his door and stepped into the street, “Are you sure?” Gavin said his stomach was sick, he also represented the moon light, and he could see perfectly Marcy, her body twisted and covered in blood “What will we do?” Kristen asked beginning to cry, “call the police, it was an accident,” said Gavin, Kristen looked quickly Gavin “No we can not call the police, I called her cell phone last night and told her she would be dead if I They began with Trevor again they will think it was us, I know, “said Kristen, Gavin saw his sister crying when he ever seen,” it was her phone? ” Kristen stopped crying: “Yes and ..?” Gavin went to Marcy “what do you want?” Kristen said: “I will throw away their cell phones, they maintain it, they do care, it was us, although it is really not,” said Gavin interventions in both her jeans pockets, he pulled her cell phone and went back to Kristen said: “Since you call the police. ” Kristen elected 911th “They said it was an accident, she ran out into the middle of the road,” said Ms. Wills Gavin and Kristen’s mother, “Your father said you can not back your car until you are 18 does turn me honey sorry, “Gavin looked Kristen” It’s okay, I’m fine, “said Gavin,” Mom can you tell them not to say we were involved, we can maintain to go to school you to the right will let people it look like and how we did it cuz of me Marcy is not such good friends, “Kristen sat down again, she recalled Gavin had Marcy’s phone,” Ok, I would be is that only comes home, then ok, “Gavin asked only why Marcy Keppler would be somewhere near Redgrove street itself, where her car and her purse?. “Mom, they found their car?” Gavin said, “Nope, we do not find one thing not even a phone,” said Officer Clark, as he put his hand on the shoulder Gavin “And what they did out there alone?” asked Gavin, Officer Clakr thought for a moment: “You got a point there, kid, I got to see my team up,” he said as he patted his back and went to Gavin weg.Kristen Gavin drove car home and It was parked in the garage, “Where’s the phone?” Kristen when her mother entered the house whisper. “I’ll get him,” Gavin said opening the passenger side and slid his hand under the seat, he took Marcy’s phone, “Close the door and let us get in”. Gavin and Kristen sat on the back porch table with Marcy’s phone in the middle: “It just does not seem right,” said Gavin Kristen’s: “What does not seem right?” Kristen said she stared at the phone as if it was going a second ring. “That she was up there alone, she had had been with someone when their car was not there and she ran,” said Gavin, “What are you saying that they were at FPS it is increasingly To All The Haters Who Mean Post. Comments And You Can not Stop It can hahahaha veröffentlicht.ALSO: This book includes a vampire and a witch, I hope to be When It’s publishing house in the summer twilight, and HP fans will enjoy können.Und if your a downer, or are as a few of the dummies The Mean Comments Psoted … Go Away I Do not Care what you think and your wasting your time typing Useless point Best Answer.

response from Alex H
Can not get over the grammar. Sorry.

know better? Leave your answer in the comments!

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