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Posted in Babysitting on 16th December 2010

I’m 26 and single; I’m going to New Orleans for the first time.?
I want to be in the party atmosphere in the French Quarter. I can afford a decent hotel, but I don’t want to stay at one with a lot of families. I’m looking to stay at a place where there are a lot of young, single people, as well. I was looking at the Chateau Bourbon Wyndham, but they offer “babysitting” which suggests to me that I’m going to be dealing with women and men and their young children, which I definitely don’t want.

Any suggestions for a fun party hotel that’s decent in quality in the French Quarter? Thanks.

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Answer by WhoDat!
Try Royal Sonesta and Holiday Inn on Bourbon.. Outside Crazyiness will make more noise than a hotel that has some kids staying in it. I have stayed at many hotels that has babysitting services and never get bombarded with families and small children. It just an extra amenity for guests.

Check out what festivals are happening. Right now is the beginning of the fesitval season.
better drinks to try.

My favorite Restaurants:

Jaquimos( Best Alligator Cheesecake and blackened red fish),
Rio Mar
Commanders Palace(MY FAV), Muriels(Turtle Soup, Goat Cheese Crepes, and Pecan crusted drum),
Coffee Pot (FAVORITE RED BEANS and breakfast),
Clover Grill
Upperline( TURTLE SOUP and FISH PIQUANTE USA todays best dish)
Galatoise- Very famous and very good
Napolean House( Great. LUNCH SPOT),
One on Hampson( BEST DUCK GUMBO
Crepe Nanou,( Love their crepes and grilled AMBERJACK)
Tommys Restaurant,
Brigtsens ( Everything is AWESOME),
Yo Mamas Bar and Grill- Best Hamburgers and Boil Crawfish during the season.
Domileses(awesome poboys),
Cochon( BEst cochon du lait)
Favorite coffee- Cafe du monde
Favorite dessert- Commanders

Jackson Square, St Louis Cathedral, Cafe Du Monde, Rvierboat(don’t eat there the food is terrible) Zoo, Aquarium, Historic New Orleans Collection, Royal St. Antiques, Magazine Street Shopping, Airboat Swamp tour, Mardi Gras World, Ride the Streetcar,

Museum- Historic New Orleans Collection, Ogden, Dday, the cabildo, Pharmacy, Confederate Museum, US Mint…

Frenchman street has a lot of music clubs!!(snug Harbour, DBA, Spotted Cat)
Tipitinas has cajun dancing every sunday night as long as there is no special events going on
Maple Leaf Bar- Rebirth plays every Tuesday night and it right next door to the local favorite restaurant jaquimos!!!!Great music plays here! http://mapleleafbar.com/
Le bon temps rouler- Soul rebels every Thursday http://www.myspace.com/4801magazine
Rock n Bowl- http://www.rockandbowl.com/CalandarPAGE/…
House of Blues
Vaughns- Kermit Ruffins plays here a lot.
Howlin Wolf- http://www.thehowlinwolf.com
Preservation Hall- Serves no Alcohol so all ages are allowed to go in.

Drink! Pat O’s, Lafittes Blacksmith shop, Columns Hotel, Absinthe House, Carousel Bar, bombay club
favorite FQ BAR- Lafittes and Pat o’s
Goldmine- place to dance in the quarter

Haunted Places; Le Petit Theater, The Pontalba, Pirates Alley, The Lalaurie House, St. Louis Cathedral and Lafittes Blacksmith shop, The Pharmacy are a few. Go see the ghost table at muriels, LaLaurie House, St. Louis Cemetery Number 1


To everyone that loves to give me a thumbs down for a VERY GOOD response to what someone should do in new orleans you must really hate new orleans or just have no life. What I tell people are the things a tourist should NOT miss while in NOLA. IF you disagree in anything state why. But you never have a better answer. So keep thumbing down the best things in new orleans because yall obviously have no idea about the good things in new orleans. If you knew you would not be giving me a thumbs down. Get a life yall!

Answer by NOLA guy
There aren’t any adults-only hotels I know of Probably the hotel least likely to have families is the Ramada Inn on Bourbon. The RIOB also hosts lots of bachelor/bachelorette parties and has rooms with a balcony overlooking Bourbon Street. Note that balcony rooms can be great for partying but not so great for sleeping as crowd noise from the street > can < be 24/7. If that would be a problem then ask for an interior/courtyard room. A similar hotel is the Royal Sonesta. There is always music, but the bands change: Go to www.bestofneworleans.com and click on Music then Listings or to www.offbeat.com and click on Listings, then Music. Note that music clubs often advertise "No Cover", meaning there is no charge for entering. However, clubs with "No Cover" often require that customers buy a beverage each for every "set" of music (which can be every 20 minutes) so KNOW THE PRICE before you sit down. Clubs do that because some people will sit in the club all evening drinking nothing (clubs only make money from the drinks they sell - not from the music). It is also a good idea to pay for each round of drinks (in clubs on Bourbon Street) as it is delivered so there can't be any confusion at the end of the evening. An incomplete guide to bars & clubs: http://www.10best.com/New_Orleans,LA/Nightlife/ www.neworleanscheapdrinks.com About certain alcoholic beverages: Realize that some famous drinks are VERY potent compared with regular cocktails that have only 1 to 1 ½ ounces of alcohol. For example, a Hurricane is basically 3 or 4 ounces of rum in something like red Kool-Aid, and a Hand Grenade has at least 4 ½ ounces of Everclear + rum + vodka mixed with melon liquor. They don’t necessarily taste like an alcoholic beverage and it is easy to over-indulge. Some of my other recent answers have more advice on things to do - there is a lot more to New Orleans than just Bourbon Street or even the French Quarter. I hope you have a great time!

Answer by Jerry
Instead of a tourist bureau listing, just a few ideas from a 3 time visitor.

Check out the Inn on Bourbon St., link below, for a fun hotel and perfect location.

For a great (and pricey) meal, NOLA is one of Emeril Lagasse’s restaurants.

Jazz at Preservation Hall. Have a Hurricane in the courtyard at Pat O’Briens.

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