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Posted in Babysitting on 11th May 2013

I’m 13, and I NEEEEEED money.?
Okay not a cliche crap like “go babysit”, or ask your parents for an allowance or do things to actually buy the house for money because they just broke as good.I have a bass guitar, ive been getting a dreaming ! I spent $ 20, I found on the beach and I have $ 180 or so mehrIch have a lot of things that I can part with, but I’m not having a yard sale, because I can: TI can not open an eBay account because I hate eBay, I tried selling some video games GameStop but the assholes just gave me $ 9 for 38,829,273 games. Damn, I hate GameStop jetzt.Hat anyone know ways I can get money? I can not ask because my parents broke and on black friday I promised a very much needed new laptop so I can not really something to . ask Best Answer (s):

answer Anic Mac
Wait until you get the laptop, then sell it to the money for the bass guitar to get. It’s really quite easy to solve.

Reply daSVgrouch
lawn care, paper route, baby sitting, washing cars, walking dogs …

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