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Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

premier issue of excellence : If you do your husband left for someone else, that you were ill, his “mother” is all your fault ?
I thought marriage should not be a one-way street? After a few years ago my husband got very lazy and boring. I asked for advice, he said, he could do to change, but never did. After two children I got depressed and he said I had to stop in order just so sad. {How good is that things have} the cliff and someone else came into the picture. I left a husband and he says it’s all my fault. Husband and I wanted to work and we had slept together while he was in the meantime, a new friend. He does not want me always tell her about us. I want to tell her so bad that they kind of person he is, but I do not see it hurting. She’s a really nice girl. I just hope when they gather he does not make her his “mother” should remain. Am I stupid Best Answer:?

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, if you leave him no matter what reason it will always be your fault, why worry about it, take the road and you chose to make the most of it

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