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Posted in Child Care on 4th May 2011

If you are testing for HPV, can you just ask them to remove your cervix?
This is the second PAP that I have done where it has come out with abnormal cells. So now I have to go back in for a test to see if there is any lesions on my cervix. The first time I tested for abnormal cells is when I was pregnant with my 4th child. And then it cleared up on its own. Now it is back 2 years later. Before it gets to cancerous cells can you just have it all removed and not have to worry about chemo or however they “take care” of the problem?

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Answer by Oby Baby™
They can remove parts that are cancereous its called adical trachelectomy problem is they can only do it in the first stages. Talk to your doctor about this. he’ll know best. god bless and good luck

Answer by jjcc
If you are finished having children, you can have a partial hysterectomy. what kind of abnormal cells? squamous epithelial cells can be removed with a conization or with cryofreezing. i had a conization the second time i had bizarre cells show up, stage 0, carcinoma in situ. cancer that hadn’t spread yet. the conization was successful and they got ALL of the cells. I don’t have to have radiation or chemo and i just get checked every 6 months for the next 3 years.

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