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Posted in Child Support on 31st December 2010

If you adopt a child, do you get state aid for that child? (state paid “child support”)?
Im not asking so that I will go out and adopt hundreds of kids or anything. My sister wants to adopt 3 kids and she is trying to figure her finances. She was wondering if the state helps for anything or if she has to pay for everything herself

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Answer by Sara S
it depends on the child, there needs, and the situation. some get paid to take the children in and others dont.
best to get in contact witha agency and see how it works

Answer by melissa s
no you get no aide, if you foster you do, and you could foster and then after a year or so adopt but that would only work for older children,

Answer by ADD
If you adopt a child out of foster care, you can be given a subsidized adoption. It depends on the child’s needs and any ongoing concerns. Each child is looked at as an individual and each situation is different. If you do a adopt a foster child, you will go through an interview where you discuss your concerns and then the dept decided what if any financial aid the child will be given.

Answer by ayisha b
No she has to pay everything herself. The Government does not pay parents money who adopt children.

Answer by Trying
If you adopt a child from the foster care system then some states do give a subsidy depending on the state and the level of care the child needs, depends on the amount you get paid. I adopted 2 so if you want to talk more via email then just write =)

Answer by Melissa
Adoption of children with disabilities is the only one that allows for a certain subsidy. It’s only for paying for therapy, etc, and it’s never cash in hand, it goes straight from the state to the providers.

Answer by TamiAmi
Yes, in California

Answer by tomhale138
nice, i guess, but if you even have to ask that question there are probably better choices for everyone involved than taking kids in who will be growing up on welfare.

Answer by BPD Wife
In Pennsylvania, ALL special needs adoptions qualify for a state provided subsidy. Our son was adopted through an adoption agency – not foster care – but because he has a medical disorder, he does qualify for a special subsidy that is provided each month directly to us to help cover extra medical expenses, etc. This did not begin however until after the finalization was complete.

Also, when you adopt, after the finalization has been completed, you will also qualify for a $ 10K tax credit on your Income Taxes.

Good luck to your sister.

Answer by ru4givenyet
ok, some of these people dont know what they are talking about. We have two boys that we adopted. there are things called subsidies. If the children are deemed hard to place. There is a federal subsidy, if the childrens birthparents did NOT work at the time of removal. It really varies with each state and child. Our children were not able to get the federal sub. But, we were able to get them medical coverage (medicaid) until the age of 18 which is 100% coverage (if you follow the rules) Having medical really absorbs a big cost on our family. Good luck to your sister!
Even if you do get a subsidy, its not much, by law it has to be less than they would pay for the children to be in foster care. It could be as little as $ 50/mo/perchild, but, it helps!

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