HomeChild CareIf the right wing cares about fetuses so much, then why don’t they help the child after birth with welfare?
Posted in Child Care on 16th November 2010

If the right wing cares about fetuses so much, then why don’t they help the child after birth with welfare?
Isn’t that the biggest logical fallacy ever? “I’ll help you come into this earth, but it ain’t my fault your parents don’t care and put you up in foster care.”

Why do the right wing put their religious beliefs into politics?

Wouldn’t you rather not exist than live a shit*y life like living in foster care forever?

Best answer(s):

Answer by Cargo Pilot II
I favor adoption through church and charitable organizations, since conservatives crush liberals on charitable donations.

Answer by jaker
There are literally 1000s of couples looking for babies to adopt. Your argument is bogus.

Answer by Handles_YATYAS
How many times does the bible mention poverty compared to homosexuality?

Their priorities lie with whatever is most against their values, not what is most with their values.

Answer by I am what I am
I dont support giving welfare to people that have kids just to get more welfare so they dont have to work as hard as they should.

Answer by Canadian Observer
You, my sir, are an idiot.

Giving a child welfare does not take them out a foster home.

And foster homes allow for children to have a shelter while they wait for adoption, where they can find new begininngs.

Answer by Kate
The abortion issue isn’t about caring about those fetuses so much. It comes down to misogyny and controlling women.

Answer by tom the plumber
Why not get a job and support your own self

Answer by Pubs let Fox think fer dem
that’s different;
that would involve being “Christian”-like
(compassionate, caring, concerned, you get the idea…)

Answer by James
If you really think welfare helps then you have not driven through any large cities lately. I think most “right wing” leaning persons would gladly help with education and a job.

Answer by Right Wing Extremist
So I have to support yet another loser,because they can’t be bothered to get a job and support their family,like MILLIONS of other people do?

I don’t see it as one or the other.I’m most certainly not going to support Infanticide,because some people refuse to work for a living.If they cannot,or will not care for their families,then put the child up for adoption.

It’s not an either-or proposition,except for the simple minded.


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