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Posted in Toddlers on 30th October 2010

question by Stone K : Will start some liberals in the United States, infants and young children “racist” label as well
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/politics/education/2261307/Toddlers-who-dislike-spicy-food-racist,-say-report.htmlSo infants and toddlers are racists in the search for food “yucky”? So it does not mean that most children are inherently racist, because most are picky? I think India is in the Middle East and Caribbean Food “Yucky” does that make me a racist, although I have friends the Indians, Caribbean and the Middle East is why some liberals have want us to be stupid like Europe with the ever increasing laws? (PLEASE NOTE, I said “some” not “all “….” some “as in” Not all “!!!! Anyone who can not get, which is above her head doomed to live a life of blind ignorance. And yes, I must point out my words) Jeff, Yes, it is important that I myself clearly machen.In comments and questions I get people to miss a single word and try to make it sound like I’m marking of the entire Partie.Also yes, I must make clear to the simple draußen.Marcia, Jeff and ohhbother … Have you actually read the article I attached? I have not made any connection points of the sets haben.Sie not already make clear that children who could be the foods from different ethnic groups dislike racist … I never liked spicy food as a child and avoid spicy foods, Hispanic and Asian food … Does this mean I by racists, which I was raised away from other ethnic cuisine? Well considering that my father and mother LOVE spicy food, both Spanish and love Asian food with a passion, I would say it is a fault in the logic is not it? No cracks needed. The rules are stupid and only available to a nanny state to enforce … would not you agree? inappropriatus, you see the concept of “nanny” state and “PC” education. Gets 10 € say you do not find any U.S. “conservative” or Republican backing Ähnliches.Jason something, I’m not really contradict you, but the question is not stupid conservative proposals and ideas (and yes there are many). It is clear that something is too general, which bound as “liberal” philosophies ist.Also why should I bring Stupid ideas like the far right, a constitutional amendment against gay marriage? (By the way I am for gay marriage), it has nothing to do with my question Best Answer:..

reply from Abel Skivver
a racist judge someone based on their race, their cuisine Dont you would be a “cuisinist” LMAO be now if you came to this conclusion: “I dislike this food, so that the culture of food from the heathen idiots came together, “then it would be racist

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