HomeBabysittingIf prison guards abuse prisoners, should they be punished in the same manner as anyone who commits a crime?
Posted in Babysitting on 5th January 2011

If prison guards abuse prisoners, should they be punished in the same manner as anyone who commits a crime?
When a prison guard is caught abusing the very individual(s) he’s been hired to “babysit”, just because he can; should he/she be punished in the same manner as the criminal or should society turn the “other” cheek? And what makes his actions any different then the individual(s) he’s hired to look after?

Best answer(s):

Answer by capu
Of course

Answer by ryliepsmomma
Hey if you’ve done something to deserve being put in prison, they deserve what they get.

Answer by edmdood24
No they shouldnt they should protect prisoners but the odd beat down they deserve shouldnt be punished like a criminal.

Answer by chuckles
Yup – abuse is abuse

Answer by h_chikamori1970
Abuse is a crime. As such the guard would therefore become an offender and as such, he should be punished to the extent the law allows.

Answer by beach-bum
They should be punished

Answer by cosaxteacher
If they are not allowed to abuse the prisoners, then yes, they need to be punished too. It will also depend on circumstances. I mean if a guard has to hurt a prisoner to stop the prisoner from hurting another prisoner, it’s justified.

Answer by robsrecords
Absolutely! No one is above the law!

Answer by average_guy_1271970
A crime’s a crime. Judges look at mitigating circumstances when deciding how to punish crimes. If a guard had been abused by the prisoner previously, then it might lighten his sentence.

Answer by amazingant111
nothing makes his/her actions different. just because he/she should be punished doesn’t mean that our society as a whole is smart enough to see that.

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