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question of Rendruk : If people ask themselves “What If” More often ?
I think I’ll tell you why – but I’m interested in your opinion – because when I look at the people I have met in my life, look, it would be as if not most of them appear to agree with my opinion … I would like from the people who listen to agree with me, I’d like to know why they do not ask what if this is one of the reasons why I think people should ask: “What if” everything, especially if it geht.Überzeugungen create the guidelines of their faith that people their lives – and made the rules and regulations, the rules are things we teach our children, and if enough people believe that we know what we start to expect that everyone else – but that’s not true … there are very few black and whites, for rules is situationsabhängig.Hier where the what, when in – if we do not ask “what if”, then the gray tones that do not get along with each belief investigated – and if not explored, then a person believes that their faith is absolute in all cases – because they have gone through a life long conditioning to not wonder what if, when they are laying a what-if situation – they do not consider them in perspective and simply continue to cling to their initial absolut.Diese people are those who tell you that all murder is wrong, whether it be in cold blood on the street, or an abortion or capital punishment. The reasons to do it for them does not matter. (I’m not saying I agree or not with any of that this is not an abortion debate, it is a topic of why people think in the end so things) and I think she bout to think at the end of such things because they never ask what would wenn.Nun, that was one of the great what ifs. There are people out there who are wondering what to do when the big things – but do not pay attention to the small. This could be the teacher who does not care why you do not have your homework, or the work that does not care why you were too late – it all comes down to people who do not ask are “What if his dog really eat his homework, he should then for not having it be punished? “or” What if he got into a car accident on his way to work, we have 3 times per year, absent a rule of this job, and this was his 3rd time – he is fired “Etc, etc etc.Ich take offense to the people who do not want to ask, what if enough. My parents are from these people and this is what started this question. Here’s a really small what if in your (and which seem smaller, the more difficult they are to judge) – I packed my mothers wrist slightly hard tonight, and she did weh.Genau where that is their verdict stops. She believes in all cases it is wrong to physically hurt your mother. The circumstances matter a lot? No, I always get shouted. But here are the circumstances, the number one – I was on the verge of a Treppe.Nummer two – I was naked under a blanket, and she did not know and she reached for the ceiling about Rip It Off on it erschien.Nummer three – My mother has fibrymyalgia – hurt their muscles 10 x’s easier than someone elses, but instead attempt, with the consideration of thinking in terms of half a second you have, oh down crap to see my mother about me naked, and when I return will fall until I the stairs . So you see, I have not really what most people would consider to be an intent to injure someone to squeeze, it will only hurt more easily than other people, and I did not intend to hurt anyone I just do not have time to do anything other than react like … It is only to … Circumstances … and I do not see why not get the people for something as small as “you should not hurt your mother” some media such as “should not be late for work” or something big like “You shouldn ‘t any other person to kill “… It’s like – no one seems to be out there to ask, what if genug.Was will you all think JenJen I do not understand your answer, but I suppose you do not know if I or to not know what to ask me why you ever bothered a vacation out Best Answer.

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care enough, what if.

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