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Posted in Child Support on 2nd September 2013

If Palimos Po were run for the Philippine presidency, would you vote for him?
I know I would. Hey, I mean, she’s such a sweet kid kahit na sa laki lansangan, still very modest pa rin ang dating. He is a true princess of the masses. I’m sure that if he, I mean it, to be the president, our lives would be much better. Imagine, every day our lives would be like comedy (like now, my stomach exploded in one of his answers with laughter!,) And we would soon forget all our burgeoning Probleme.By the way, SO PLEASE START is proposed how can we PHILIPPINES BETTER ALL AROUND. This is Po campaign for Palimos. True Palimos Po tradition, we will not get any “support” or volunteer help that you can give us, not only we are not dirty old trailer, because that’s not what we meant. Please register on this site if you support him, I mean, to run for the presidency in 2030. Thank you for your Hilfe.Um Palimos butt, I would like to be your vice president? ——————————– —— guys, thanks for all your answers. I make haste to choose the best answer, because I know that this question must be deleted feeling soon. Did you know that Palimos Po profile was recently deleted? Thanks for bringing it Binibini you auf.Wie vice president, I will do my best to lead the country. So ito ngayon and “sa mga Gamit aparador” cabinet or staff: Quiet – Prime Minister what LOLWell – Finance Cleopatra – Minister of Public Works and Highways. Beautiful Cleo, please make our beautiful lansangansPinkbook – pink book? Hmmm, Minister of Education Warrior is a child – what kundi otherwise Chairman of COMELECLaika – thanks for honest, the care of the Presidential Palace spiritual adviser Alastair – thanks for the honesty, please be our Chief Economic Advisor Pesteng Kontrabida – leader ng OposisyonLola Tonette you time in Malacanang knit shirts for Palimos LOL spend Best Answer (s):

Reply danver_mallari
who palimos po? in Filipino …

Reply by ♥ ♥ Cleopatra
Why not? She is an intelligent and witty little Mädchen.Para talaga sa masa, popular, and it is also good to ask a quarter. ehehehe …

Reply pinkbookworm
why not!

reply by Bill Posters Who is
Palimos Po?

answer by Laika
What are their credentials? What did she do for the Philippines? She has no experience in dealing with a government? Would I vote for them? From what I know now, and what I see, no, but in the future, who knows?

answer by Alastair S
Just because he / she is still on the ground, won your heart, mind and money does not mean they can führen.Schauen the country you to which you have that, “Those who can win your heart, mind and money,” the country tune it in Büro.Filipino mentality has to change first, our country verbessern.Wir before we are still the same since the Marcos regime . arms, indebted, highly educated, but no work, less food and costly, Corrupt, Back Stechen.Philippinen is nice, but we Filipinos smeared her picture, I am guilty mich.Wir change ourselves first. We know where we want to go.

response of peaceful
Yay! Will vouch for panggulo definitely for women Palimos butt, I mean, Pangulo ng Pilipinas in 2030. Here are the reasons: 1 Palimos characterized in fundraising. (What is paslit do with the funds, is another matter, but we’ll see) .2. Palimos is aware of the plight of the people who need help the most, after all, they live there (the fate, as for helping to better connect with humanitarian groups;! Paging well) ist.3. Palimos is diplomatic, a very desirable quality of a good leader and representative of the Landes.Wie for the support that I can provide emotional Unterstützung.Bitte vote for Ms. Palimos Po as president of the Philippines. A diamond, but a diamond just the same

answer by jan-na
i wonder what palimos have to say …

response of corrugated
He (I mean) would regain his (I mean it) Filipino citizenship (he I mean, come on, when she is at the age of 12 ). Everyone, please give a quarter of their fundraising campaign launch.

Reply by warrior is a child
I would volunteer my services for him! =) I’m good at mobilizing people hahaha

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