HomeChild Supportif im married in ny state and my wife had baby bye someone else do i have to pay child support”?
Posted in Child Support on 30th December 2010

if im married in ny state and my wife had baby bye someone else do i have to pay child support”?

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Answer by Flintstone
YES, All children born to your wife are yours, Better get her a chastity belt.

Answer by vis
come close im whispering this to you…,.GET A DNA, that is the only way you will not have to pay for the child..you may have to hire a lawyer but if your sure the child is not yours..it is well worth the payment..trust me..as your wife she can make you pay for the support plus half of the cost it would take to put that child through school until he or she is 21..that is COLLEGE..get the lawyer..

Answer by Katy
You might, depending on the actions of the biological father. Your best bet is to look up child support laws in NY, as they can vary state by state, but I know some states would force you to pay child support out of the interest of the child, IF the biological father is absent/unknown/whatever. The child’s welfare can take precedence over whether you’re the bio father or not.

So…get to your local library or bookstore. There are a ton of books on this subject, specifically about fathers’ rights (I had purchased one recently for a cousin myself). Wikipedia can also point you in the right direction.

Just make sure you look at updated laws, specifically in your state.

Answer by puppy
i believe so…get an attorney thou, might b wrong but i doubt it

Answer by 420 circle
How old is the child? If you just found about this and the child is very young, you can get a court order that will proclaim you as not the biological father. If you have been paying for all the bills and taking care of this kid, you are in it fo the rest of your life. You can go after the biological dad for support but he can come after you for 50% visitation. Marriage is GREAT!
FYI 20% of women that are married have kids that are not fathered by the wife’s hubby. Get a DNA check for every child your wife has. Take action immediately or your will get stuck.

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