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Posted in Child Support on 4th June 2013

if I show an income of 56,000.00 and 9 have dependent children, 1 with downes, I should pay 4000.00 in taxes?
I have 10 children in total 0.1-8yr old daughter with downes, all home schooled or private, not to accept any financial support from our gov.wondering whether it is right that I have approx.4000.00 to pay taxes The best answer (s):

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you have to pay taxes on your income. But then you are refunded some of what you pay deductions, such as your children based. You can pull off some of your child’s medical expenses if they. A certain percentage of your income

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how many exemptions you claim on your W4? Exceed

answer by Gem
If your gross income is $ 56,000, you will not owe $ 4,000 Steuern.Die way word your question, I wonder if your net ( after deduction / exemptions) is $ 56K. $ If so, then 4000 seems reasonable, because you have almost 6 figures sein.Oder you are self-employed and you count your SE tax (social security?), With your social security it’s gross no matter how many children you would need haben.Wir more info to tell you if this is “right” or not.But I can tell you that even though you say you are “not to accept financial support,” but you get to pay taxes, then you accept the financial assistance. Your taxes are already discounted on the basis of their large family. Why is it fair that I have to many times that $ 4,000 if our income were the same pay because I do not have to choose 10 children? This is not fair.

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If you are a single taxpayer filing as Head of Household your first $ 41,550 is not subject to income tax. Their Federal tax on the remaining would be $ 1,607.50, if you are not itemize deductions. If you do, your liability may be less. If you are married filing jointly, your tax liability would be about $ 790.00 or less if you are broken sein.Sie also pay $ 4,284 in FICA taxes. There is no way to die.Sie may have to zahlen.Wahrscheinlich also state taxes you have to qualify for the additional child tax credit, the reduce your tax liability pretty much probalby under $ 0. This is a refundable credit, so you get that refunded würde.Es are no deductions for home or private school education.

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you owe $ 56,000 in taxes with $ 4,348.40 wages in Social Security and Medicare. Would not affect the number of children you have it. Because child credit would owe no income tax.

Reply by Judy
you enter your filing status, but no, you should not pay that much tax to 10 dependent children. In fact, when at least four of them under age 17, the child tax credit would wipe out any income tax you owe. The additional child tax credit will most likely result in your getting a refund more than any amount you had withheld for federal income tax consequence haben.Wenn you talk about Social Security and Medicare, so everyone pays that, no matter what their family status, but it gives you protection if you are disabled and also retirement benefits.

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