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Posted in Babysitting on 16th November 2010

question of Canada : When I get my dog to sit or say he is on his back and pleaded ignorance ?
My German shepherd knows what my come and sit, he listened many times before, so it’s not a problem of understanding. Rather, when we train, after about 10 minutes, he just bored and when I tell him to sit, he lies on his back and pleaded ignorance. When I pick him to emphasize that “sit means sit,” he whines like a big baby, as I try to kill him and does not want to sit. I have literally physically make him sit while he moans and is so dramatic, as he also tries to snap at me. He turns into a noodle and is situated on the ground, usually very excited and think maybe it’s all a big joke, although I am firmly with him. As I say, he knows better, I think maybe he just thinks that training is a game, and if he is not in the mood, he tried to call the shots. Besides, he is perfectly healthy and happy, so I think he gets fed only with training and thinks he can stop at his command. Any tips? He is 1 year old, and I bought him after he had received almost no training from its previous owner. In the first 6 months of his life with me, I’ve had good luck training him, but as I noted above, sometimes he acts like a baby, not just work Best Answer.

response of Dd for Hooch!
You make two mistakes here beten.Eines, the training session too long for your dog. You do not want an education for fun, work, or you will get poor results. So calculate how long can you keep your dog happy to train with you before he gets angry, and make sure you do not go through this Punkt.Zwei when he does this, he must correct it. Take care not to try him in a sitting, because it does not seem to work for you strength. Strap a prong collar on him and give him a correction of his temperament-based (ie, more easy going dog should get a smaller correction than a stubborn one). By the way, you can go to the training sessions do more with time. Make it more fun for him. Add rewards to motivate him. But no fear, a correction, if it’s disrespectful to you.

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