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Posted in Child Care on 23rd June 2012

If Hitler were alive today, and desired to win this time, would he be discreet or openly aggressive?
It seems to me that Americans should observe more, listen more, think more and privately discuss what infrastructure is being put into place in our systems of commerce, communication, transit and finance.

I don’t think the new enemy of the people will show horns.

I think it will be a smiling, serving and very “helpful, caring” entity.

Trust is the way into a home, heart and family.

Are we possibly being seduced by a very dangerous new “friend” ?

Sometimes, don’t you get the feeling that government cares just a little too much about us, our children and health?

Best answer(s):

Answer by just some chick
He’d be openly aggressive. He would say he was detaining all people who might be terrorists.

Answer by Tin Foil Fez
He’s back as Hitlery.

Answer by fairly smart
That depends on if he remembers what he did before. Gotta set all the rules up front you know?

Answer by consrwimps
he’d be just like george w bush.

How could you not notice?

Answer by El Raton
Hitler is alive and well living in a secret compound. It was a body double that the Russians killed. The real Hitler was flown out earlier. He did well fulfilling Illuminati plans.

Answer by DJR
Your plan sounds like you might be a pedophile.

Answer by Yggdrasil Mithos Symphonia
Do you ever stop and think that the world conspiracy is something we all particpate in absent mindedly, and no one is really calling the shots.

Answer by eematters
His like is openly aggressive.

Answer by Sumthin Special
Hitler IS alive today and he’s living vicariously through George W Bush

Answer by Crabby_blindguy
“If fascism comes to America, it will arrive wrapped in the flag and holdinga cross”–Sinclair Lewis

All Hitler would have to do today is run around claiming he was a right-wing “Christian” and the neocons would foolow him straight to hell faster than the Germans did.

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