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Posted in Child Support on 28th December 2010

If child support was really “child support”,why do the women that receive it have no responsibility to use it?
for the upkeep and support of a child?The current laws allow a woman that receives child support to spend it however she pleases,including paying her new boyfriend’s cellphone bill,his car payment,or buying herself luxury items and even use it as gambling money.I know.I worked for two attorneys doing all sorts of court documentation and communicating with clients.I have seen time and time again where a woman will foster off her child to a relative to care for and just spend the money on herself,or have the kid(s) around and still spend it on herself,while the kids go without food,clothing,and other essentials.The government does not care what she spends it on.However,the government would never do that(give someone monies without some sort of accountability),yet they expect private citizens to do so.Most of the time,she will also be getting welfare,as well.I would like to hear your thoughts on this subject,community.Do not answer if you aren’t well-versed on this subject.!0 points today for the best answer!
What I meant Pearl,was that the government wants you to comply with all sorts of “conditions” when they supply you with anything (always want to see what your income is,if it has changed,register for work,etc.).They are not going to just hand you cash money if you do not comply with their demands.
SheLoves,you must be a real man-hater.I am a single dad who is supposed to be “receiving” child support,but I don’t.I do not pay child support.I worked for attorneys who handled these cases.It seems you are the one who is uninformed.

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Answer by Pearl
“The government never gives monies without some sort of accountability” – sorry but thats bullcr*p, I see plenty of people on welfare who can afford to drink and smoke.

@ Ryde-on, so should welfare recipients, why should my taxes support their lifestyle?

@ Ryde-on , the long and the short of it is that men should support their children

Answer by Ryde’ On
Child support = shoes , hand bags, manis and pedis and tanning.

Then the kids wear rags and eat microwave crap.

Women should be legally compelled to provide a detailed accounting for reimbursement for child care.

Edit @ Pearl, If i had my way welfare would be for 6 months with madatory vocational training then cut them loose.

I could go on for hours on this , but the long and short of it is people really should pay their own way, not take from the tax payer or ex.

Answer by fman440
I hear you Jack, it sucks that there are people out there doing that, and our system is broke! My brother went through the same thing, paid and paid only to pay more and the kids suffered while she partied and spent money on herself. They should be accountable for the money, not just get it, its wrong!! Its why our country is broke too, we have no morals anymore in our society.

Answer by James
Because legislators have made our lives living hell. I don’t agree with how these laws have been applied in the courts and often times it’s disgusting when you look at the abuse. We have evolved into a society that feeds a nanny state mentality and this is just one more example. Child support isn’t often fair, but it it what it is my friend.

Answer by vis
what your saying is all to true, but if a man takes her to court over this all she has to do is pull out rent receipts, gas, lights, food, etc and than there a chance the child support could go up esp if she don’t make much money, never mind the fact that she could have several sugar daddy’s so to speak you give her cash while she is spending on a certain bf she likes a lot, and yeah the food stamps and medicare, most states don’t give you welfare if your getting child support at least the ones i lived in don’t or maybe because i only had one child and worked a full time job, but yeah i know what you mean, my ex’s mother was like that with her child and that was years ago, she ran around looking like a model in all her nice clothes while the child ran around in rags

Answer by Myth_Understood
So many of our laws depend on the honor of the person whom is benefiting from them in order for the law to be effective – to wit, your query regarding the use of child support funds.

It is my belief that the law was put in place with the intention that the custodial parent would be responsible with the funds they receive for child support, and I think that the overwhelming majority of parents are, in fact, responsible with it. As in every circumstance, of course there will be some abuse because of temptation, but what do we do? Punish everyone because of some irresponsible, selfish, foolish people who do terrible things with their money?

If there is a way to prove that someone is using their child support for things other than supporting and caring for their kid, why not go after them? If you have proof, then there should be ramifications absolutely! I think there should be regular audits of their bank accounts or, in the event that they have no bank account, there should be accountability.

To answer your original question for why women have no responsibility … that’s an age old question for which there really is no answer other than because they’re selfish, foolish and self-centered. I think there should be a consequence for their actions, but it would be very difficult to prove.

This is my view.

Answer by sheloves_dablues
WRONG. You can’t spew this type of ill-informed garbage and then suggest not to answer if you aren’t well versed on the subject… YOU aren’t well versed enough to ask this…

The custodial parent is responsible for providing food, shelter (heat, water, elecricity) and clothing. As long as those needs are met, the custodial parent has me their obligation. If she pays for everything out of her own pocket and then uses the child support monies for entertainment or other purposes, she has still met her obligation. If she used the child support to cover SOME of the cost of food shelter and clothing and paid for entertainment out of her own pocket, the EXACT SAME amount would have been spent.

Guys like you disgust me. REAL MEN don’t bi1ch and whine about doing the right thing for their children. REAL MEN don’t bash their ex’s on public forums. REAL MEN go about loving and supporting their children quietly, without expectation that anyone owes them anything.

Try being a real man..

Answer by Rocky
I’m with you buddy. I think it should be documented just as a payee for someones SS are required to do.
Thing is if enough fathers would get together and jointly went to the supreme court things would change…wake up men! This is no time to sit back and take it!!!

Answer by Startisha
that sounds like bull to me. I recieved child support and i had to show reciepts on how i spent it on the child. it is allowed to be spent on bills that will help the kids but that is it. And as for the government is concerned i would go above the local government and go as high as i can i would not stop cause i would not spend my hard earned money on my child to help take care of them and then the money dont go towards them that is still my kid and as long as i am paying child support than i have a say in how things go with him. I am tired of women and men getting child support and just blowing it on everything but the kid expecially when the child needs clothes for school and dont get them cause their parent spent it on bars. The government really needs to buckle down on those who recieve child support.

Answer by Doodlestuff
If you can prove that the children are not being fed, you can get custody of the child. School administrators regular report to CPS when they feel that a child is not being fed or clothed, but certainly, you as a parent can ask them to assess the situation. The government does not support neglect. However, most mothers spend far more than their ‘share’ on caring for the child, supplying a place to live, heating it, paying for electricity, taking the child to the doctor, feeding the child, etc. etc.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard men complain about the child support. Then the mother says, fine, you take the kids for the summer. They are THRILLED to give the kid back after 6 weeks. 24 hour care is WORK and just like in a divorce, men do not equate the work women do as value because they aren’t getting an hourly salary.

All these folks that are going on about less government and not spending their taxes on nonsense – do you really want your taxes wasted on itemized minutia? You would have to PAY government workers to analyze all this crap only to determine that 90% spend the money on their kids. It makes far more sense to do what is being done now to get deadbeat parents either to PAY their child support or get them the training they need to get better jobs so that they can pay reasonable amounts (something that Texas is doing now).

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