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Posted in Child Support on 22nd January 2011

If a woman takes half of what I own and make, that is called “alimony”?
or “child-support” and I go to jail for not paying it. However, when I take half of what a woman makes, it is called “pimping” and I go to jail for that also. Is this system flawed, and does it need to change?

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Answer by pamcarter
Hey, it’s on you. If the kids you bore don’t have heat or food or a kind word from you they will grow up to hate you. Live with it.

Answer by QuiteNewHere
Money mostly goes for child support. If a woman is a wage earner- her share of the child support is also calculated from her salary.

Spousal support is something different.

Answer by Chris
Reminds me of the divorce Barbie- comes with all Kens furniture, house and car;-)

Answer by Mary
The system will change as more and more women work, it’s becoming occasional that judges want to award custody and child support to the father. In some states they’ve addressed this by simply always awarding joint custody but in rare cases. The child support issue is crazy, as most dads do see their children equal amount of time, and have the same costs as the mother. Women now not only work more than men, they often earn more in many cases.

The other reality is that work is not fun or glamorous. Men never pretended it was, but at home Moms saw their husbands work success though tainted eyes of jealousy. Now those same Moms are coming home exhausted, wondering what their lazy husbands did all day while watching the kids. Funny, when their husbands thought they did nothing before they complained. Recently one judged awarded a stay home Dad alimony and payment for his maid services. I have to admit things are changing.

Answer by Smells like New Screen Names
This is you imagining a world. One where you got laid.

To start with child support is not a woman taking money form you. It is you supporting your own children. If you don’t like this get a vasectomy. Why should other people fork out the money to support your children? Bums like you gripe about paying for their own children to eat, well I gripe about paying for bum’s children to eat.

Secondly, marriage is a legal contract. It is a partnership and at the end of that partnership, you must expect to split assets amassed during that partnership. Unlike in your delusion, this is a two way street. Next time marry someone for their mind instead of their body and you won’t spend much in alimony. Put a woman through medical school and you’d be getting alimony.

Answer by Think about it
Most women in married couples earn more than men these days. When you divorce the man and women is entitled to 50% of what both of them are worth combined. If the father wants 50% custody of the child then they break even he doesn’t have to pay a cent but maybe 99% don’t want their kid so by law they have to pay the mother costs related to raising the child and dead beats don’t even do that much. Both man and woman are treated equally under the law. If the man marries a woman who doesn’t work then he enters a contract whereby he agrees to support or til death do they part so if he decides to leave her he’s not allowed to kick her to the curb like a dog he has to honor the contract to continue supporting her until she either gets a job or remarries. Nobody holds a gun to get married if you’re too greedy to support your lived ones then marriage is not for you.

Answer by Ruth S
Times are changing, the trend is, wifey goes out to work while husband becomes Mr Mom! Why you ask? Employers tend to choose a pretty woman over an unshaven man! They finally realized women have brains, and can do most jobs a man can do. Do any of you disagree with me??? Women can operate heavy machinery – TECHNOLOGY took care of that! But that isn’t your question, right! The thing is, there is only a small percentage of men who are actually put into jail for not paying child support! You have to catch them first, and the Police have more important things to worry about! Besides, NOBODY gets paid if they are in jail! You are going to a little extreme when you say you take half of what a woman earns – usually the Pimps collecting far more than half of the take! There again, the police have better things to do with their time – the guys who REALLY come out ahead of the game are the attorneys! It depends on WHO gets the best deal with the best attorney!!! Prostitution has been carried out since we first appeared on this earth, and it ain’t going away any time soon. Women came into their own not too long ago, and are getting even for all the injustices men laid on them!!! I do believe there should be some kind of law, is when two people decide to lawfully marry, they should BOTH sign a iron clad contract if one or both should stray from their vows, how many kids would they be willing to support if the marriage ended? If all this was predetermined BEFORE they tied the knot, it would eliminate the majority of divorce attorneys! I can’t help thinkng about Tiger Woods and that piece of Swedish fluff!!! He should have had the brains to have a prenuptual agreement BEFORE he ever got married!!! SHE got millions of dollars for just putting in 5 years into that relationship! That’s pretty damn good wages if you ask me!!! Now she won’t have to baby-sit anybody elses kids for the rest of her life! And those women he messed around with!!! Don’t tell me they didn’t know who he was!??? One thing I do think that should be changed, and that is to put a cap on how much a man has to pay for his sins!! And the same goes for the women!

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