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Posted in Child Support on 30th December 2010

I’d like to ask a question about, “Child Support!” Who know’s anything about it?
I’m asking because the father of my baby and i are going through with it and i decided to ask ppl i don’t know other than my family and his family… *I just feel like he denied my baby, he does for her when i or his mother has to say something about it or when i fuss! He means well, he just wasn’t ready for the full responsibility of parenthood. Now i’m taking care of her on my own. He is dishwashery and does things at his own time, or doesn’t do it all. Now his ppl disagrees with child support b.c he doesn’t have a job. But I almost have to beg or nag even when i ask i still don’t receive only at a later time. Basically every once in a blue moon he came through, now i feel like i don’t know what to do… His mother has a lot to say about this child support situation and she totally disagrees 100%… i just don’t know what to do you guys!…. (and it’s more to the story/question..) Help a single mother out. Someone that knows about this thing child support…

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Answer by justaguy23456
Umm, What is your question!?

Answer by JustMe
Call your local child support office or the toll free number. 1 800 252 8014. Tell them you want to file child support on your child’s father. They are not interested in your story. Only answer what they ask you. Do not speak to him or his mother about what you doing this. Fill out the paper work immediately and send it back. Don’t ask him for another dime. He knows his child is in this world and cannot live off fumes in the air. It may take a month or so to get a court date, but make sure you show up and send back all the info on him that you have. His address, social, dl#, last known job and picture of him and the baby would also help.

Answer by janine o
You probably already know that you can file with your local Courts. They will issue a child support Order and he will have to pay, or face his driver’s license and passport being suspended, assets seized, and possibly jail time.

Sounds like you’re struggling over if you should file or not. My thing is, he is a grown man and should want to financially support his child. You gave him the opportunity, but he’s not coming through on his own. You didn’t make the baby alone and you shouldn’t have to support the baby alone. He’s going to try to make this about him (“Why are you doing this to me”). Keep it in the perspective that it’s about your child and the support your child deserves. Once you bring a child into the world, it’s no longer about you. Stand up for what your baby deserves and file for child support. Maybe he wasn’t ready for the responsibility, but the child is here and he no longer has a choice.

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