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Posted in Child Care on 13th July 2012

I want to run away because of child abuse…does this plan sound ok? I need serious help?
I wouldnt really call it running away, but lets start the story
My parents are very strict. They beleive in “spanking” wich i beleive, in the first place, is abuse. I have a younger brother and sister, and they never get spanked. Just me. And i am 15….So i normally get spanked when i defend myself when my brother punches me, and i punch/hit him back. I get spanked for being “disrespectful” to my mom, such as not answering her when she calls me (usually because i cant hear her!!) or i get spanked for like getting lower grades or whatever. But my usual spankings have turned into something a lot worse, wich is punching. My dad punches me a lot, now. He hits me, pulls my hair, throws me on the ground, etc. One time, he had me pinned to the florr, and he was talking about how he only does this because he cares about me. And i was like “You call this caring?” And then he banged my head on the wood floor three times until i agreed with him that he was doing this out of love…
So thats m\part of it…now for my plan.
My dad is a pastor, and about a year back, a family that i was really close to left our church because they did not like my dad. So this family is a family of three, with a baby boy. I know where they live, but i do not keep contact. I havent talked to them in about year. I know that if i showed up on there doorstep and explained the abuse, that they would 99.9% likely adopt me or take me in. My parents hate this family, but only because they didnt agree with my dad on most things. This family really liked me, though, and took me on vacation to San Diego for their anniversary. I would love to live with them, and they arnt strict at all. Im just scared about what might happen to my dad. Would he go to jail? I dont want him too. Im also scared because if they dont adopt me, and if like i go back home, my dad would literally kill me. Im seriously shivering at the thought. I hate my dad so much, and i want to get out of the house. Am i being selfish because i am leaving? Am i being selfish because i am thinking about myself and not my family?
My dad is having revival, a ting where a pastor comes down and preaches every night for a week. Im planning to sneak away from service on night and go to Robbi and Jerrys house (The other family i was talking about) They are very close to the church. There is no other way to do this, becuase my parents never let me out of the house other than go to church. Its sorta like a cult. I am very scared, and am planning on doing my plan tomorrow night. I already started packing my bags. Would robbi and jerry be doing something illegal if they took me in? Is there any process i can take to get me to live with them instead of my parents? I need serious advice/help/thought/opinions. Thanks you so much

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Answer by Ginnyx
you need to call someone, a helpline if you can, find a number and explain to someone the situation you’re in and they can advise you, they deal with this all the time 🙂

if you can’t find anything, call the cops… there’s no way they’d let you stay in the house with you making allegations like that, just get out as soon as you can

I hope you sort everything out 🙂

Answer by Dominick
I don’t think you should run away I didn’t read all the crap you put but it depends on what abuse if they are spanking you then you are messed to run away cause other people get the same thing as you where the older or younger don’t get beat but don’t run away.. Where are you going to live? If you live with a relative then they will just bring you back and hit you even harder the next time they see you if they would be punching you and slapping you across the face often then I would consider calling the cops cause there is no reason they should be beating you with their fists. Thank you for reading this if you did it might really help. Also if you don’t want to keep being spanked then just block it and soon they might realize you don’t want to keep taking that crap that they give you and maybe you should show them that you are “studying” and if you get a bad mark then you can say not to hit you because they did see you studying.

Answer by Level 5 NINJA!â„¢
Alright, once your parents went pass the spanking – that’s actual child abuse. Physical abuse, that is.

Glad you know a family that you can talk to and trust. But I can guarrantee you that if you just leave to them – that family [the parents] can go to jail and get charged for kidnapping. Your father may also go to jail for child abuse – I’m not sure how that works, but I’ve been in a ‘similar’ situation, let’s say. No, you’re not being selfish because you’re going to leave! Not at all. Your safety [mental AND physical] should be #1 on your list of priorities, as you are a kid. And you really ARE thinking about your family – you just don’t know it. No, you’re not selfish.

Here’s the number to the national runaway hot-line. I’m only fourteen, they can talk to you and explain things way more than I can. Good luck.


Answer by M
You need to stay where you are.

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