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Posted in Child Care on 15th January 2011

I want to be put in foster care, what do i do?
I’m 14 years old and I’m going through a lot of trouble at home. Nothing physical but its verbal abuse and its upsetting me a lot lately. My mum and dad have split up and that’s has got me down lately. And me and my mum have had an arguement about how she singles out my and my sister.

My mum picks on me for the way I dress, calling me an emo. And she knows I get enough of that at school. And 1 day ago, my sisters boyfriend’s dad told my sister about a camera his friend is selling and it’s worth £500. So my mum has gathered up £500 pound for my sister to buy this camera. And apparantly my mum is short for money. Yeh… And we had an arguement about how my sister gets more money than me and she doesn’t work.

So i got back from town and asked my mum if i she could give me my school money (i get £20 a week, thats it) earlier. She shakes her head. Then i tell her how she’s just given my sister £500 pound for a camera, when we have 3 already. So we start shouting at eachother and my mum says
“You really know how to ruins someones day don’t you?!”
I reply
“You know how to ruin a teenagers life don’t you?!”
Then she replies to me saying
“Well what if i just walk out, then you’d have to go into care.”
Giving off the idea she sort of wants me to.

But over the years when my dad was living with us, i have seemed to be losing my temper a lot more than i do. As only 2 years ago my dad told me i was a mistake, and i don’t really think anyone wants to hear that from there parents to be honest. Me and my dad did come into physical abuse, nothing so serious but just hard slaps across the head/face. Which i don’t think any child should be treated that way.

And ever since then I’ve always had the idea of being fostered, but I’m scared. I just want to be with someone who would actually look after me and not shout at me for silly things, someone new who can keep me calm, becuase i have seemed to be taking stress out on my friends, and a couple of months ago i tried to commit suicide due to a lot of arguements with my mum.

I’ve thought of running away, but theres noone to turn to. I’m thinking of speaking to my school, but things could get out of hand. I don’t really want my mum knowing yet, but round where i live (Manchester, Wigan) I don’t know of any fostering centers, or people to talk to. I’m going to ring up childline as seeing an advert on Blue Peter, they can help a lot, and I need the help.

So thats why i want to go into care. But what do I do?

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Answer by Erick P
It’s going to be hard. My advice is to try to tough it out for the next four years, avoid confrontation, and move out when you are legally able to do so.

Answer by Dan M
You can always fall back on killing your parents.

Answer by HelloKittyTwin
toughen up and quit being a baby. There are other people that have worst problems than some moody teenager.

Answer by Terri J
I know you feel like your home situation is really bad. But it doesn’t rise to the level that would be required for you to be taken out of your home and put into foster care. And, I would venture to say that, once you were in foster care, you’d wish you were home. You’re at a tough age, and there’s a lot of stuff going on around you. But dwelling on it is only going to make things worse.

If you think you need to talk to someone, your counselor at school is a good way to go. Otherwise, I would recommend that you try to get more involved at school: clubs, sports, drama, etc. Get your mind off of the bad stuff and focus on the fun.

Good luck to you.

Answer by Becky B
I am Exactly the same with my mum and dad And i live in liverpool am 13 years old and me and my mate are running away on the 12th of march if you want to join us let me know we need more people we could meet you somewere by yours let me know please ! ???
MSN iss jasmin_beckett@yahoo.co.uk

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