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I want be the best! Help 🙂 Please?
Yes I have babysat was old since the I 10 year. I kids love, but I am a only child, so, when children or misbehave,, if they “be kids” it is know heavy for you me, to the, what to do. I am with little ones 2 and under great, but the late twos and older I am not only. My best friend has like 7 younger siblings, and his embarrassing because she always gets sit to asked,, and for kids, that I have for sat, select they her about me. Let me, by children want be to “oh yeah! I her want, in order Baby sit!!” But lately no ones me wanted. I’m not irresponsible, with kids, or rude, but I’m just plain boring. It Like, make sure, go not to the house on fire, and were all good. So! Moms,-or teens with a much experience with little kids, can, what I do to the coolest babysitter that ever be?? The longer the answer that will help securing to the more be it will,! Best and longest-Answer 10 PTS and I answer arbitrary any of your questions (It because his like crazy hard something I can not answer more was.) I am best with therapy / psychology questions and above all Dating-/ relationship toils. !! Thanks guys Best Answer (s):

response from Derik
In order the Best do to you, The Best! Be

tags with must response from Juhannah Basler,
white things that they want, in order how Games hide to do tag and to seek go to, but make safely, his nothing dangerous if they to confront something bad them say about it and them, they cant do, that or they be in According to rumors the great annoyance try new things do with them to do get to and only you let they, and you have fun with it, but nothing too dangerous … i’ve go a nephew, order to observe a niece i kids the have whole time and have 3 little female cousins ​​and alot from family to do with babies thats what i and it (works:! hope, i contributed,

Answer by Shakira
Okay here we go. 1) Dont get too crazy responsible about being,, leave them be kids! Lol, okay so let to play them, but make sure, his safe. Basically, the same do thing that. Your friend may do to them but do it the safe-but-fun way For example, in the kitchen trying, theyre to get food? Let them, just-to make watch them Ensure that they dont touch microwave or Backofen.2), when you let dont them to play with toys or look it tv too much ir play on electronics, let them do, that also . Just take it to a boundary, make sure they through go it dont. (Meaning you protected she watched confidential at all times make Ensure that the-device works crack not or they fall it) 3) If they, in order want to drink to / eat from a glass plate or cup, this will always be a huge no … It can break to and they could shalt violated with the glass will, their parents thee the guilt. So be very careful be with, dass.4) Try, chillen order a little about the Being responsible Even,. Receive Dont about her case, receive kids mad easily. I would know, i have a little lol brkther.

response from Goldie the Poet ♥
I suggest, that you like the world revolves order to act them. Give them as much attention as possible that to guess I. Little kids Wille, dass love

response from Allison,
Next times, if to sit you, ask the kids what their Favorite Toys is, Favorite- game? Favorite food? , If his available, it feed them t for the lunch-or dinner. Play you with their Favorite Toys and have to show them, you how, in order with it 🙂 they play be it love teaching you. If they’re boys and gladly something like stalwarts, they could have a light saber? I was doing, that and he was teaching me-, and I pretended, how I did not understand, and was paddling a boat with it! They love it,, that! Playing stupid, if they want teach you, and OH say to! How this? And do another wrong thing …. it up lasts his time and they know as not to bore. If bored she knows …. hmm .. Start playback with their toys and she wants be to play with u. Invite you they play play to hiding places … but to make in the inner region safely, there is no running 0.0. Best of luck 🙂

response from Gryffindor Horcrux
I have almost got the same problem! Not quite though I 🙂 for this +2 yr old and 2 1/2 yr old babysit, but so do both at from my friends – whoever are twins. I believe not, so much, because I bin busier babysit, but the twins always you tell me, these cute stories of how of love the children of them so much. So I like, be order he who doeth the big, fun things with the children. I have taken note them is out and set the sprinkler up in of the summer and we had with an explosion, dass We go outside and to play on the playground and run around in the grass and the such. I have always you will find the crafts, that the parent company would not take the time, (bake such as jewelery or simply or glittery stuff for various, older kids) View order with the kids to make. I let the kids take to out time a movie tray and eat in front side of the tv. I them offer a cookie perhaps a bit larger, than I should I 😉 up you do a few music and we dance around! I You let they take so long, of a bath, how they want! I bring via a few ingredients and we so-called adorn to cookies. Creativ ideas that are not only buying from them toys or such a thing are really good. Oh I forgot to ad forts! Forts forts forts! They love it, them 🙂 boxes above all! Just make up safe to clean and that the parents would be ok with him. It though functioned! I got my cute story! Once the boy was to weep for his mom in the night and she said, “nick no! Why not I get up!” so he switched from say, mommy the call to for me! Answer Melts my heart 🙂

by Big Luke
My older sister babysat for a really long time and she made some BANK! (Cash money $ ) PeopleSoft ALWAYS her picked up, because. Of her charism You is fun, trustworthy and the children respected her. If you kid one earn can the respect they’m going want you to sit for they. ‘Lead For this purpose, believe it or not kids actually want, be raised to right. They want something order and Disziplin.Me personally, I believe not, sit, but I am in the Church a lot and I am approximately younger kids the whole time. One of the things, I think, is appreciate kids, if I. To talk to them at their level I am 6’3 “… that’s kinda high ha ha So, if I to speak on an kid I you ensure, in order Niel downwards so can they me in to view in the eyes. I feel like they weep less by, that intimidated,’re. Even kids much. I thought to myself, out that kids … You are people … they are only smaller!! ha ha Consoling them like you would a friend in thy Age So I have to talk to them than whether they’re my Ages and to my surprise, when I do, we can to keep a legitimate conversation. It can nuggets be approximately foozeball or chicken, but it’s legit alright.Kids love the people whom they love. You seem passionately via kids. I would not make about creating a rivalry between You and your friend worries. Plus-your friend has SEVEN little people in her house! SEVEN! you is, to what you perhaps “experienced” call. She should be the better sitter … BUT can! you can be his the best sitter YOU. The chances are good she knows not have so much passion for this as you are doing. Be encouraged to do and to keep, what they love remember:.-Earn at their respect-Don be ‘, anxiety get to solid, if they disobedient bist.Auf the kid the level of the-get.-Treat ask they how people real conversations with them (-Try! they via, what they do in school Questions, the require not do “yes” or “no”) -.!, When they cry, a friend to sein.I wish you the best that Jane

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