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Posted in Babysitting on 3rd June 2011

I stopped drinking alcohol over a year ago. I’m no longer in a treatment program that does random testing?
How can I arrange for random alcohol testing? Through my family doctor? Private clinic. I’m willing to pay. I’m no longer eligible for the random testing in the treatment program because of the length of my sobriety. I would like the random testing to keep my difficult ex-husband assured and perhaps to give me another year of “babysitting” though I do go to AA frequently and am feeling great about my sobriety.
I am in aftercare and can be as long as I choose but they no longer test.

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Answer by HVAC Man
First off Congrats… You have made it farther than most do… and I respect you for that..

For random testing yes any clinic should be able to do it for you… But of course there will be a charge…

Good Luck and best wishes to you.

Answer by mompoo
I think if you talked to your dr. about this than I am sure he would set something up for you…

Answer by boblunchdude
I am not sure that you could. One thing I learned is there isnt always going to be that safety net for you. Basically you have done your time, and you should be proud of your sobriety. If it really makes you feel better, tell him you will take a test whenever he feels like it, but, he should pay for it. By the way, Grats to you. I am 14 years sober myself, and it does get easier with time, especially if you have people around you who are supportive of your sobriety.
Good luck to you.

Answer by sweet_leaf
Aftercare. Call around to the treatment centres in your area and see if anyone is willing to take this on. Chances are they will. They all have a shared goal of helping people get and stay sober. Good luck!

Answer by rosie_lynn
Wow. I want to say how proud everyone should be of you. You sound like a very responsible person who had some tough times. And admit to that and you are doing better!!! Great!!!

This runs in my family. So I have seen it and know how hard it is. So sad. Glad you have your life back really.

Ask your doctor for help. I am sure he can arrange something I hope. And ask others at AA. And let your ex know you are going to get this done if you can. It would be great if he could help pay on it, but if not, if you can afford it, get it. And I do hope he will keep helping by babysitting. You deserve some help. You are really trying and doing well. I admire that.

Answer by saibenswuenin
It will do to test yourself; you’ll need a blood test strip (for saliva testing,) alternately a breathalyzer, a cellphone camera (for taking a timestamped photo of the strip at the time of testing, and of course showing off the test and result,) and some kind of timer, a cheap permanent ink pen (not the gel type,) and some middleweight Scotch tape.

The pen is for doodling on or dating the test strips (Year, Month, Date; is the current ANSI standard.)
The middleweight tape is an option which permits the preservation (in a target canister; well-labeled, please) of your test strip samples. After the photo of the test (i.e. your wet dated paper,) the result (since it takes time for any reaction to take place,) and photos of the locale (if you like) you can put the test paper inside a loop of tape and then microwave the loop for 20 seconds to kill bacteria and K.O. mycoplasma in there. Squeegee it closed again (since steam opened some ways) and store in the ‘used’ canister. Heavier tape would insulate against the microwaves overmuch.

The final component is the most technically complex, and sure enough it uses the cellphone too. It’s the random timer; run like a normal random testing program, it would be not totally random, and preferential to Sunday AM at 2 (if you are awake; you can certainly log later if you were not!) or after lunch. Pick an appropriate Java timer program or timer that works on your phone, then pick or delegate (to your spouse, on the case) the target times and frequencies (2 times a week, say) and let your phone page you with an appropriate poem or saying to cue your test. Java ME (micro edition) runs on 95% of cameraphones, so it’s an easy choice in case you (and your trust system) want or need anything special.

There are certainly other good valid and effective methods than this canonical one! It sounds like you want to convince some fellow; would it kill him to learn to distinguish (say, 10 minutes after application) Chanel No.5 from Chardonnay, Warmth (eau d’toilette) from Walker (whiskey), stairstepper (aerobic exercise) from DKNY Be Delicious, hill running (somewhat anaerobic) from Abbey Ale and Irn Bru? If you travel, they still make paper cards and envelopes suitable for scenting. Due to postal regulations you will want to put saranwrap between the address and the card dampened from hill (mountain) running drills….

There are even electronic exercise meters (and I think, a Dance Dance Revolution game) that do an okay job of deciding whether your jumping jacks have been mellowed by alcohol; to keep an audit trail on those will take a little devising, though if the digicam photos of your score and your pose is always the same, you will soon be outed. You probably shouldn’t expect your score to keep improving past 36,220 points or age 72, after all.

You could alternately choose an infrared detection method, which would essentially be a blood test rather than a breath or saliva test, and particular to you. If you are involved in photography and willing to experiment with a chilled optic path and some etalons placed atop your CCDs, this could be your pick; though imaging isn’t as important to the test as a consistent wideband IR illumination of the chosen test spot, reliable etalons that can pick out alcohol’s in vitro adsorption bands, and some test time.

David Foster Wallace has written extensively on some alternative audit methods, although he does write fiction as well as essays.

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