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Posted in Working Mothers on 28th December 2010

I need just a little bit of help?
so i need Just a little bit of help. I had posted this question similar to this but i only have one person who has given me a reply. I think this would be because it is not in a spot were people answer a lot of questions. So heres my question…
I am having to write a Thesis paper for my english class, one of my sources has be about other peoples stories. So my paper is goigoing be “having a special Needs child is one of the Greatest Blessing you can recreceive
So my question is for you to tell me about an experiencethat you have had “a good or bad” with a special needs child, also for the familys that have a child i would like to hear a little bit about your child and how he or she has made an impact on your life and life style.

Heres a little bit about my life, i have a little 8 year old brother who is special needs, he has been tested for everything that the doctors can think of, but every test has come back negative, so we are just hoping that maybe he will just grow out of it, But he has maybe a 20 word vocabulary, and he only weighs about 45 pound. Some times he has trouble breathing, and when he gets sick he could end of in the hospital, so we try to keep him well and keep putting medican in him when he starts to act sick. He has made me a better person and know when i see a kid hurt or lost i totally have my heart go out to them and try to help them, it has also put a lot pressure on me since my mom is working i was his primary “mother” but he has been a huge blessing to me and i am glad that my mom decided to have just one more.

So please tell me your storie and i would like to hear what you have to say about special needs children.

Sorry if there are spelling mistakes, i typed this pretty fast.

If you would like to email me and not share your story with everyone you can reach me at robinsonmandy@hotmail.com

Thanks so much

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Answer by lillilou
Since its for English – Ill give you this tip on your title that will set the tone for your paper. When you say “greatest” its a comparison. It tells me you want to say this blessing, it better than all other blessings or many other blessings. So you would have to do some comparisons in your paper for instance on why a special needs child is a greater blessing than one without special needs. I dont think this is your intent.

Therefore I would change the title to something like it just being a “wonderful” blessing. Then you only need to include why its wonderful. Now it can be that some of the hardships, and things that make raising a special needs child difficult, teach you to appreciate life more, and thats wonderful too. But this way you dont have to compare.

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