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Posted in Child Care on 1st November 2010

question of Richard : I need help on sueing my landlord ?
the contract was as follows: my landlord take me with electricity, telephone, cable, Internet and offer heating. but they just gave me a heating machine that made lots of noise are available. they only let me take part, the Internet and no cable TV at all. has also didn’t install a lock on my private Tür.im contract, they also said I should understand, this device is for your home business child care. “Thus, in accordance with the application of J. Burns Theresa, I will complete a police records check and adhere to nurseries law in my contact list with the children on site. I understand that, to leave if I did not I asked again the premises the above situation and this lease is declared null and void. I also agree with the lease already eastablished meet between the tenant and the owner of the above property. “— The original words from my Mietvertrag.tatsächlich, my landlord just subletted room for me. It is hopeful to win that I sueing in it? Now she asked me, cuz they thought the room, I made some noise and harassed to leave. i did nothing loud. I want her cuz she didn’t give them the stuff promised to sue in order. It is likely that I could win Best Answer:

response from Jane c I want to take off
only and not to waste any money on it!

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