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Posted in Child Support on 1st July 2013

I need help in finding trustworthy webisites to help me with funding for school?
I am 25 years old, a single mother went to a beautiful daughter, nd recently become a popular Art Institute here in Las Vegas, check it out. They have a pretty impressive photo course, which has always been my passion, but tha course would cost about $ 80,000. Tha tha Consultant at school, with whom I spoke said I should also be able to find considerable help by tha school as online, but everything I’ve found online so far looks kinda “scammish”. Does anyone know of a site or sites that can really help me know? I will help to finance for tha class nd probably for the transportation charges as I will take the bus to school nd tha, so if anyone knows of anyone who can help, as well, that would be good, but any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance 🙂 @ Alex, I have had many jobs where I could “earn a living”, which is not what I want. Why should not I pursue my dream? Nd since when does a photographer make you “unfit for work”? It Iare many jobs out there for photographers, especially in Las Vegas, is where I come from. Thank you for answering my question not clear, and makes a fool of myself for wanting something more than just a job that I have endured Best Answer (s):.

reply from Love Angel
I received a scholarship through years Fastweb.comBest wishes 🙂

Reply by Alex
waste not your money. The Art Institutes schools are a bunch of overpriced vocational schools. The only thing that could help you to school are loans. Why do not you study something that actually allow you to livelihood for your family instead of digging yourself into debt for a degree, you leave unemployable would even if you get it from a reputable school? “Why should not follow me, my dream” – Now that you have a child who relies on you for support. “There are many jobs out there for photographers” – And most of them are part-time/freelance without benefits. Stable, full-time jobs in the photograph are much rarer.

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