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Posted in Working Mothers on 2nd August 2012

I need advice??What do you think of this guy? Long Read?
I have a bit of a scenario that I am a little confused about you tell me what do you think.Well first when I first started talking to this guy, i asked him out for coffee, he said that he would meet up with me but said he couldnt because he had to work until 2 in the morning, but that he would call me the next day, in which he didnt,so I thought well forget him,..so months later somehow we got back in contact and were talking and I can hear kids in the background, and he tells me that he watches his childs mothers other two kids whom she has by someone else..so I thought okay well maybe hes just a kinds considerate father, ..so anyhow I go over to his apartment and hes acting very stangely, he actually looks around corners and hallways,…he was looking out the window..I ask him “What is wrong” his response “Nothing” he says “I just know sometimes kids play and hurt themselves around here” so I just want to make sure they’re okay”..so I walk out of his apartment and he walks like wayyy behind me” and he told me her schduele he says she works from like 11 pm 7 am, ..so we talk a few months after that and I notice that he doesnt pick up his phone during the day sometimes, he mainly texts..which he says is because hes at work or with his son, so these last couple of times we;ve tried to get together he tells me “Oh no spending the night” because its always he has to do something with his son, or be at work, or court,..so a week ago I go to his apartment, and I notice his last name”Mitchell” on the telephone directory for apt #103, so I ‘m thinking hmmm did he move, because I thought he lived on the second floor, so I buzz apt 103, and a woman and kids walk out, and so I’m thinking I must have the wrong apt, and I walk upstairs to the apt that he lives in which is on the second floor, the lady walks up the stairs and follows me, and gets aggressive and asks me “Who are u here to see” and I look at her face more closely, and what do you know its his baby mother”..so I kind of panic and make up a name, and she walks away and then follows me to my car,..and she goes back in the house, so the guy i had been seeing pulls up, and tells me to meet him at his apt, which is on the second floor, and he tells me he feels guilty for leading me on,…and I ask him if there is someone else and he says no.,but I feel like theres something more, but how could he live up stairs and his baby mother lived downstairs in seperate apartments..does this make sense, I mean when I looked inside his room, he has clothes, a mattress in his room, but no food in the refigerator, on his facebook page he has his status as “single” lol,, I dont know what do you think??If he is with her why would he chance me coming over and a possibility that we would run into each other” or do you believe he is single and I’m just looking to far into things?

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Answer by richie b
sometime life just brings things to us and there are no explainations for these strang events. i think you need to look back on your experience and use a retrospective mentaility to judge it for your self,.

p.s keep up the good work

Answer by Cory
Follow your instincts.

If your gut feeling is that he is hiding something, he probably is.

This is especially true early in relationships.

Answer by YoYoYo
I don’t know, I’m really confused here. . .
Well, it’s up to you.

Bye 😀

Answer by howard h
He’s married and apparently has enough extra money to buy a second apartment and probably sees other women frequently at this other apartment. You’re over thinking things. It’s pretty clear.

Answer by m.i.s.s.
he’s got baggage because the baby’s mama is still all over him but he’s ready to move on but doesn’t want to be a deadbeat dad but is waiting till something better comes along. Right now he’s just dealing with her. If you want to deal with it, deal with it……but she’s keeping herself in the picture like an obsessed ho who got pregnant and wants the dad to stick around.

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