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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

Question of Lo : I like this guy and he’s got a girlfriend. What to do?
We are majorly flirty with each other and have amazing chemistry. I caught him staring at me several times, and his eyes always longer that it should .. You know what I mean? His girlfriend is terrible if they had a better attitude, I could like her. When she is around, he has no fun and is set to “baby sit” them all the time. He does not cut or talk to anyone, as a rule. He is a completely different person. I like him, and he acts like it myself. I just do not know what to do .. I would say to him, but I do not look like an idiot. Anyone ever been in this situation? His mother says he is unhappy, but just do not know how out of it without it hurting. HELP! Oh yeah .. forgot to say that she feels threatened by me. When we are all in the same place, it is stuck to him like Velcro. What if I come in, she makes him go outside with her and vice versa. He held one time and told me something and laughing and cutting up, and I got the transition down the whole time. Soo .. No idea .. I’m not going to let him know from the way I like it, I like to call him or go to his house or whatever .. Best Answer:

response from John Archer
ask him to have sex with her now. Men love that.

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