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Posted in Babysitting on 23rd March 2011

I keep having dreams about my hubby’s…?
…penis. They’re really random. For example, in one dream, I’m “babysitting” it and in another, I get p.o. because my sister grabs it! What do you think this means and do you ever have dreams about your significant other’s assets?

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Answer by beatlefan
Well, according to your used ID, you are kind of “baby sitting” his penis, or at least part of it. Not sure what to make of the one about your sister, is she trying unsuccessfully to have a baby herself, and maybe a bit envious? Seems to be related to your pregnancy 🙂 Congrats…

Answer by malinalli.medicine
Mainstream American culture is really weird about the Penis. Male nudity is never shown on TV as much as female nudity.

When you think about your dream, what is the worst part of it? Then ask yourself what are you feeling?

Think back to another time you have had the same feelings even if it does not match the situation.

Unresolved issue?

Answer by FRANK b
jealousy maybe insecure about your sis and hubby?

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