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Posted in Babysitting on 14th March 2011

I keep having dreams about my hubby’s…?
…penis. They’re really random. For example, in one dream, I’m “babysitting” it and in another, I get p.o. because my sister grabs it! What do you think this means and do you ever have dreams about your significant other’s assets?

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Answer by Mrs.X
LOL, you baby is due in May. You’re probably just having weird pregnancy dreams. I had a couple doozies when I was pregnant. Some weren’t about my kids either.

Answer by opetke
I notice from your screen name, you’re expecting a little blessing in May.

Well, with all the chemicals coursing through your body, I imagine your dreams are getting a little specific and are more easily remembered.

And, of course, if you’ve got pregnancy on the brain, your husband’s penis does factor into the whole equation, as does your renewed interest in your husband’s relationship with you.

Hence it makes sense that, symbolically, you think about guarding your husband and taking care of him (babysitting) as well as being jealous of other women attempting to steal your man (your sister, symbolically).

Whatever the case, you’re not weird and these dreams are just that….dreams.

They have no reflection in reality.

Congrats on your little blessing!

Good Luck!

Answer by solitaire
Well dreams are our subconscious mind trying to work out problems. It seems that maybe you are feeling a bit possessive of your husband. Is he a flirtatious guy, is he talking about a particular women excessively, do you suspect he is cheating on you? These could be questions that are troubling you at the moment and rather than face them in real life you are using your dreams to sort it out. Pay attention to what’s going on in reality to give you a clue about your dreams

Answer by Pretty P
Unlike you, i only think of discharging honestly my own “Liabilities.”. Rather than thinking of my significant other’s ‘assets all the time

Answer by Martin Pedersen
For some reason I just don’t dream about sex. Like .. ever?

Maybe in your dreams you should start telling your husband to wear clothes.

Answer by Allison H8s Stephen Fowler
That’s kind of weird, but dreams are often weird. I wouldn’t worry about it.

I had a good laugh at this though, I admit.

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