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I have seen a lot of “Child Support” questions here, so…?
… what gives?
(In the U.S.A.)
The guy who pays child support cannot deduct anything from his taxes. Why not?

If a guy is found guilty of not paying child support, he can lose his driver’s license. Great! Now he can’t even get to work to make payments.

They garnish so much from the guy’s pay, that he gets $ 40.00 a week in his paycheck. Whopee! Now he can’t even afford one utility to support his own life, let alone gas to the car he can’t drive to work.

They toss the guy in jail! That’s a help, eh? At 5-cents an hour in jail, cleaning prison floors and doing laundry will pay the child-support by 2099.

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Answer by Hopalonghoppe
You play
You pay…pay…pay…

Answer by seldom seen
He can’t take the deduction because it is assumed that he is not paying 50% of that child’s total cost of support. The bulk of what it takes to raise that child is being paid by the custodial parent. That parent (be it the mother or the father) should have the deduction.

A father without a license can still get to work. Sorry, but there are plenty of choices here. And if he wasn’t paying his support before losing his license then it can’t be an excuse after.

If his pay is being garnished, it’s because he isn’t paying voluntarily. I don’t know any parent paying more than 25% percent of their wages for child support. If that works out to only $ 40/week s/he needs to find more/different work. Once a parent, always a parent.

If a person goes to jail for non support, then again, he or she can’t use the excuse that now they can’t pay, as they were not paying before.

Remember, women are now paying child support. Whoever is not getting physical custody needs to contribute. Things are changing and should be. Men are stepping up to the plate to care for their children and that’s a great change to see. Some men (and women too) continue to be real deadbeats, but we have to remember not to stereotype this or to make assumptions about it in a broad sweeping way. We all have our own story.

Yeah, Mary – that’s why I say I guess we all have our own story – so now I apologize, now I know someone who get’s hit for more than 25%. It is a messed up system but I think it’s hard for officials to monitor what goes on in private homes. I guess it’s morals and values in question. We all have to be responsible for our own birth control too – we can’t just take a man’s word if he says he’s sterile, or a woman’s if she says she’s on the pill. Trust can be a dangerous thing, when misplaced, given too quickly, or misused.

Answer by marynew8
i will never understand it theres to many issues. for example my bf was married and his wife told him she couldnt get preg and he believed her cuz they were married and trusted her and low and behold she got preg and then she started seeing other guys and they got a divorce and now she has a kid with other guy. but my bf has to pay for a kid that he was told was impossible to have, she lied to him to have the kid and then screwed my bf over and now he has to pay for her lieing and him believing her. and all she wants is the money the kid is always staying somewhere other than with mom. it makes no sense for child support when you for a fact the money isnt going to the kid or for the kid. and she doesnt even let the kid stay over at the dads for more than 2 nights cuz if its longer than he can tell the people and get money knocked off his payment. i just really dont know what to think cuz sometimes its the woman and sometimes its the guy either way the system is messed up……… for seldom they were taking my bfs childs suport out of his check cuz thats how he had it set up and then he was collecting unemployement cuz he was medicaly discharged from the navy and they were taking it out of that then he tried to get it lowered cuz he was unemployed and they said you have to wait 6 months and in that time unemployement screwed him over saying he was collecting from two different states and wanted restitution and he sent in proof he wasnt collecting 3 different times and still couldnt get his unemployement check but still had to pay his child support like he was still in the navy go from making money to no money and still having to pay child suport is more than half its all plus some and there was nothing he could do. so theres one person they took more than 25% of income

Answer by JD
I certainly do empathize with those who have been orderred by the Courts to pay Child Support. Let me relate my story. When I was married my now ex-wife had to quit her job to give birth to our son (there were no family leave laws at the time). So to make ends meet I got a second job, From the time my son was born until he was five years old I worked two full time jobs one was 7:00 A.M to 3:00 P.M. the other from 4:00 P.M. to 12:00 Midnight. We did not have the benefit of insurance and the medical costs made it impossible to survive on one income. When my son started school I thought “Great now my wife can get a job and I can spend time with the family”. She never did get a job. After about six months of working two jobs while she sat at home alone while my son attended school I had enough. I explained to my now ex wife that I was leaving and why.

I quit my night job, took on an apartment, and my ex signed up for welfare benefits. I fought for custody and spent nearly $ 6000.00 trying to get 50% shared custody of my son. At the final custody hearing it was determined that I had worked too many hours to give him and I quality bonding time and that my ex had the time necessary to provide an upbringing which was “In the best interest of the child”. So now with the custody battle out of the way we could then determine the amount of Child Support I was responsible for.

Yup you guessed it they took the tax returns for the last two years of our marriage in which I was working two jobs and set my Child Support according to what I made in those two years and advised that I could get it modified in six months if I had problems.

I had problems as you can well imagine. First off my Child Support obligation was determined on the two incomes I provided to our family and I will stipulate that it was probably 25% of that Gross income. But upon moving out I quit one job so in effect the State determined I should pay approximately 50% of my current income (in the best interest of the child). a couple of years went by and I managed to live in a one room apartment and ate alot of Ramen noodles then the company I was working for laid-off 200 employees. I was one of the two hundred. I petitioned the court for an emergency Child Support Modification Hearing. In court the Stae argued (in the best interest of the child) that my potential income should be equal to what I earned the last two years of the marriage. My arguement about being laid-off fell upon deaf ears so the court denied my appeal to lower my Child Support obligation. My unemployment check was half of what my pay at my most recent job was so in effect I was then obligated to pay more in Child Support then I was getting from unemployment insurance. The state held back as much as they could according to the Fair Credit Act so my unemployment check equalled a grand total of $ 15.00 per week. At 35 years old I was now living with my mother, and the remaining unpaid Child Support went into arrears which then went onto my credit report (for the good of the child). I finally borrowed some money from my mother and started a business and began paying my full Child Support $ 737.00 per month plus an extra $ 193.00 to the arrears. I then found out that my ex-wife only got $ 50.00 per month more in her welfare. My point?….How is this “for the good of the child”?

Answer by glamour04111
I agree with you and it is bad when some guys go to prison because then their arrears keep going up while they are in prison then when they get out then no one wants to hire them because they have a felony which is for non-support. The system is crazy. Me and my ex would work things out so he was able to live also and pay what he could to help with the kids.

Answer by Yvette B yvetteb
the honor system doesnt work, thats been proven. thats why the state and federal government stepped in and passed stronger laws.

they are TIRED of parents not paying for thier kids. EVERYONE is tired of deadbeats.

to thow them in jail until they come up with a chunk of cash is not only a motivator, but cheaper then the state paying for the kids.there is nothing like a good ‘ol sack lift and cheek spread, three hots and a cot to make them think about paying for what they helped create.

to take the license is also a motivator. its such a pain in the arse that they dont do that again. oh booo hooo… i’m a deadbeat and now i have to take the bus or bum a ride… booo hooo.

as for him having $ 40 bucks at the end of the week for his own bills, thats a crock of shyt and you know it. unless he has kids sprinkled all over the place (guess they dont sell condoms in his state), so he owes soooo much support, that is an untrue statement.

todays ALL courts goes by incomes, not a set amount per child (as they used to do in the old days). todays courts, in most states even calculate BOTH parents incomes to come up with a child support amount. if she isnt working, they calculate an amount for her and add it in… unless the child is very young, then they can calculate DAYCARE expenses into the mix.

its hard on everyone; him, the ex, the child(ren). they all scrap every month.

you pay what? 400? 600? 900?

ok, lets see…
rent; 1000
electric 300
food 400-600
diapers 75-150 per month (fluctuates when baby is sick or teething)
heat 300
phone/cable 100
auto; (for doctors, dentists, take to school when they miss the bus, pick up when sick, pick up medicines, get food) 200
clothing/shoes/boots 200-400 every 2 to 3 months (seasonal and they grow)

that doesnt even include daycare, school supplies, hair cuts, class trips, class pictures, over the counter medicines, prescriptions, laundry det, dish det, cleaners, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, christmas, easter, tooth fairy, birthdays, etc. and sooo much more.

In my case, we go through 1 gallon of milk a day; that’s $ 3.50 x 30… its almost $ 100 per month… AND THAT’S JUST MILK.

thats right, JUST MILK.

try calling 1-800- I CANT ADD

their rights or answer questions…



(some states work with them)




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