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Posted in Working Mothers on 24th March 2011

I have adult adhd, on meds yet can’t get rid of hazardous/unsanitary living conditions, whats wrong with me?
I’m a single mom of 3, in college full time and not currently working. It seems I’m always cleaning my home, yet it remains hazardous/unsanitary. It’s at the point where human services took the children from me temporarily because they allege I’ve neglected my children for said reasons. My kids were gone for 6 days and are home now but that was half the battle. I have court dates, CHIPs petitions to worry about. I’m not a “bad mother”, and my children are fed/clean/clothed/cared for properly. Our home life isn’t “dysfunctional”, I work hard to provide the essentials, we don’t have a lot of money or time for that matter. I give my kids a good life other than not being able to keep a clean home. I don’t understand what’s wrong with me. I’ve been on meds for like 6 years, I had adhd as a teen and was on meds for 3 years back then, no meds for 4 years in between. I thought meds was the answer to my adhd?

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Answer by bmac
That’s just plain lazy, slovenly behavior and has nothing to do with ADHD.

Why can’t you clean your home? I don’t understand. You don’t work so you can’t say you don’t have the time. You are just using this ADHD as an excuse. So, you’ll lose your children. Well, at least they won’t have to live in a pig sty with a mother who sits around feeling sorry for herself and doesn’t care.

Answer by uldatnmo
Are your kids old enough to help with the house? I’m not saying for them to do the intire thing by themselves…but with your help the house will look great..
Sometimes it is as simple as breaking old habits….
Organization is great for cleaning up a house….
With adhd, your attention whirls, and your hyper- on that note pick a spot and vocus only on that area…when done move-on to another….
Make a list of what you would like done with each room and focus on that list untill you achieve the goal you want…
Good luck ! !

Answer by ranger_girl
Meds AND psychotherapy! That is your solution!

Answer by gary j
I’m not trying to be mean but it seems like you must have some time on your hands cause your sitting here asking this . put you r time to good use . if you loose those kids over something like this you will be known as a s—- ass parent not a person with adhd do the right thing love your kids they remember everything and they will remember the time you did everything you could to keep your family together

Answer by cher
As much as SOME people like to pass it off as your attutude and actions, it isn’t ENTIRLY your fault. Try to get the kids to help clean, and work on reminding yourself not to leave a mess. I also have ADD, so I understand how hard it is. Unfortunatly, not all of us can rely on the meds. You need to (possibly with professional help) learn to compensate for your problem. For example, I have to remind myself that I can’t throw my cloths on the bed, because I won’t bother to remember that when I ‘m washing clothes. Good Luck!

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