HomeBabysittingI have a pregnant cat that is due sometime this week. I’ve noticed that her ass was getting red.?
Posted in Babysitting on 23rd July 2013

I have a pregnant cat that is due sometime this week. I’ve noticed that her ass was getting red.?
I was just looking at and it was red. We thought they would have them Monday. . Should I look something important Best Answer (s):

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most cats start looking for a place to hide when they go into the job market. If it is an indoor / outdoor cat keep her inside. Get her a box with some old rags, etc. fed and put it in an out of the way, you Bereich.Suchen by swelling around her vagina. Good information go to the labor market, but most of the time they just “disappear” on you and you find it in a place you never.

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I do not know how close you are to your cat, but if you have a close bond with her: Make her a safe birth place. (As simple as a small box on the page (or put on the head) with a small access area and a newspaper bedding. Show her many times when it comes to this house and you seem stressed. Will they most likely give birth in this safe house, and you are as proud as she is! (I have done this, had this experience, and honored by this!) I even have a cat of my friends bring their blind newborn kittens, stuff them under my blanket in my bed, so I “babysit” them., you would do everything you thing was (eat, poop, bathe, play) and come back to get her pussy and go back to their “home.” Seriously, I was and am still always so humbled by this experience., you made me feel like “someone good” was. 🙂

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